Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholars

The Connelly-Delouvrier Scholarship, sponsored by the Connelly Foundation in memory of Judith Connelly-Delouvrier, is one that is open specifically to Honors students planning to participate in a semester-long study abroad during their time at Villanova. The scholarship provides academically talented students funding for one semester abroad with the program and country of their choosing. The goal of the scholarship is to create globally minded students that continue Villanova’s goal of a globalized curriculum, while also strengthening relationships with host institutions across the world. The program’s past participants have also been quite successful in competitive scholarships, such as the Fulbright. We checked in with three past recipients of the scholarship: Chris Gelardi, Emily Walthouse, and Anna Bauer.

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Christopher Gelardi

Chris Gelardi

Chris Gelardi, an Honors and Humanities major in the class of 2015, had the unique experience of traveling to Jordan for a semester abroad during his junior year. Chris said he knew he wanted to apply to the program because it offered the opportunity to open up the world in a concrete way. Chris also explained that, “such extensive financial backing from such a good-willed program widened the array of feasible destinations immensely.” After being accepted to the program, Chris was encouraged to search for the most “out-there” experience he could find. Chris participated in the School of International Training (SIT) in Jordan, and the experience changed his life in a profound way. Chris explained that he now thinks more openly, takes an interest in world news and politics, and has a unique and deeply educated perspective on issues involving the Arab world or Islam. Chris characterized the Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholarship as "a supportive study abroad program that provides students the opportunity to dramatically broaden their scopes of experience to make them better people.”

Emily Walthouse

Emily Walthouse

Emily Walthouse, a Sociology and Humanities double major in the Class of 2016, also credits the Connelly-Delouvrier Scholarship with a reshaping of her intellectual and personal experience at Villanova. Emily participated in the Global Scholars Humanities Cohort with Honors and spent the spring semester of her sophomore year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Emily explained that “time abroad gave me the courage to apply for my internship this summer in Las Vegas and will give me the confidence that I need to move to a new city alone for the summer.” Emily also said that her experience as a Connelly-Delouvrier scholar gave her a heightened sense of awareness about what it means to truly be a global citizen who is aware of international issues and perspectives. Emily explained that the scholarship only added to her incredible experience abroad, adding that Mr. Connelly even followed her travel blog and that the two communicated about her experience in Scotland.

Anna Bauer

Anna Bauer

Anna Bauer, a Communications and French double major in the class of 2015, participated in the Vatican Internship Program through the Communications department at Villanova. Three Communications majors are selected each semester to participate in the highly competitive program, in which students work inside the Vatican walls in the office of Vatican and Catholic News Service. The internship not only allows students the opportunity to explore public relations firsthand, but it also provides the incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of working in Vatican City. Anna explained that her participation would not have been possible without the Connelly-Delouvrier Scholarship. “Studying abroad allows you to learn so much about the world and about yourself from experiences in and out of the classroom…the Connelly-Delouvrier Scholarship made all the difference for me.”

Written by Newsletter Co-Editor, Margaret Shull, LAS '16. Margaret is receiving a degree in French and Francophone Studies and Honors, with a concentration in Ethics and Healthcare. 

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