Coffee Break in Caughlin

We asked students living in Caughlin Hall, the Honors freshman residence, what their favorite class has been at Villanova so far. Here is what we found out! Do you remember taking any of these classes during your time at Villanova?

Matthew Nelson

“As a member of the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics cohort in the Honors Program, I enjoyed taking these three courses in addition to the PPE-themed ACS course. I was able to apply what I was learning in the three disciplines in ACS with Dr. Hirschfeld. As a prospective law student, this cohort appealed to all of my interests, and prepared me for my major courses.” -Matt Nelson

Tasha Boland

“My favorite class so far has been Intro to Micro-economics. As a math major, I love problem solving. Econ gave me a way to apply the analysis skills I learn in math to the real world. This course led me to declare Econ as my second major! It also introduced me to Dr. Burke, who double majored in Math and Econ too!” -Tasha Boland

Elizabeth Johnson

“My favorite class has been Sun and Stars taught by Dr. Frank Maloney. I loved how funny he was and how enthusiastic he was about the material. It was my first astronomy class (my major), and it was very challenging and rewarding!”
-Elizabeth Johnson

Dale Mittleman

“My favorite class would have to be my ‘Moderns’ class. The central focus of the class is answering the question: ‘Who are we?’ and as a math/computer science double major, I don’t necessarily get the opportunity to think about questions like that in my classes. Because of this, I find the class to be intellectually challenging and the professor is amazing.”
-Dale Mittleman

Nicole Hawkins

“My favorite class was Honors Philosophy with Dr. John Doody. Dr. Doody’s passion was inspirational and really brought life to the class. Everyone was engaged and helped each other to think in a new and meaningful way. Taking this class as a freshman has made me excited about future classes to come!” -Nicole Hawkins

Ethan Swain

“My favorite class was a Biblical Analysis on the New Testament with Dr. Danove. Reading the text and connecting it to different factors of Christian and spiritual tradition was really energizing, and it is the reason I decided to become a theology major.”
-Ethan Swain

Manolarakis and Eby

“Our ACS classes with Dr. Smith are part of the 3-part cohort called the Good, True, Beautiful. The GTB is a small seminar class with all kids who live in Caughlin, so you get to know the class well, and what makes it so great is that all of us are very like-minded and are excited and passionate about the readings and discussions.” -William Manolarakis and Elizabeth Eby


Interviews conducted by Newsletter Co-Editor, Richelle Hurley, LAS '17. Richelle is receiving a degree in Communication, with minors in Classical Studies and Peace and Justice.  

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