Interdisc Marriages

With Interdisc's long history and the undeniable bond that its students develop, is it any wonder that many of them remain life-long friends, and some of them go on to get married?

Carmen and Vince Chiappetta, LAS '04, married in 2008. Tara Powers and Charlie Gillespie, LAS '10, are planning a wedding for fall of 2015.

They tell their Interdisc love stories here.


Carmen (Ruiz-Castaneda) Chiappetta, LAS '04
Bachelor of Arts, English, Honors

Vincent Chiappetta, LAS '04
Bachelor of Arts, English and Political Science

Vince and I met the night before Orientation started. All of us Interdiscers in the class of 2004 had been emailing throughout the summer and decided to meet up behind the Connolly Center.  As an interesting side note, Immer dropped by our meeting unannounced and un-introduced with a package of cookies that was promptly discarded by fellow interdiscer Kevin Maher because he had no idea who the "creepy old man" was.  Vince and I said hello and continued to look out for each other throughout Orientation.  Thanks to Interdisc, we had three classes together each semester which gave us plenty of time to get to know each other, and excuses to study in Tolentine and the library.  Significantly, Interdisc gave us important opportunities to be creative together in music, drama, debate, study and prayer.  Although Vince may have dozed a few times during class (late-night basketball with roommates at Simpson Hall was common), and although I may have raised my hand in class a few too many times (a foreshadowing of my future life in education), we soon learned that opposites do attract.  By the end of freshman year we were best friends and officially dating.  We had a great time at Villanova and in 2008 we tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Miami, Florida. We currently live in Virginia with our two children, Julia (3) and Peter (1) and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby number three coming in May. 

Gillespie Powers

Tara Powers, LAS '10
Bachelor of Arts, English, Honors

Charles Gillespie, LAS '10
Bachelor of Arts, Humanities, Honors

Charlie and Tara met on the first day of their freshman year -- for her, Interdisc was even her first college class. They lived one floor apart in Stanford Hall, and swiftly became friends through a combination of group study sessions (he taught her the Euthyphro; her notes got him through Intro to Psych) and a mutual love of the Harry Potter series. Their time in Interdisc culminated with semester-long projects on significant personae -- Charlie and Tara's group wallpapered what was then the Honors Seminar Room in the St. Augustine Center as an ode to Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story "The Yellow Wallpaper." Charlie and Tara didn't actually start dating until after Interdisc was over, but the transition from close friends and frequent classmates was a smooth one. He brought her into the Humanities fold (she has a minor) and she convinced him to join the Irish literature classes Honors offered with its visiting scholars (Tara had an Irish Studies concentration and is finishing her MA in Irish Studies at NYU). They both traveled to Montana with the Honors program in the spring of their senior year to present their theses at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, and each was a medallion recipient at 2010 commencement (he for Humanities; she for Honors - Arts). The two were engaged in September 2013. Since graduation, Charlie received his master's from Yale University and is now a Ph.D. student in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. Tara has been living in New York, where she first worked for a major publishing house and now does marketing and communications for a financial services firm. They're planning an October 2015 wedding at Villanova -- at which several fellow Interdiscers will be in attendance.

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