Coffee Break in the Honors Dorm

This year we introduced an Honors Dorm! Caughlin Hall, previously an all-girls dorm on South Campus, now houses Honors students on two of its floors. Next year, a select number of these students will get to live in the West Campus apartments as sophomores!

Margaret Shull, a freshman in Honors, who we welcome as a co-editor for the Alumni Newsletter, took her first assignment by interviewing her hallmates.

Here's what our freshman think of living in an Honors Dorm!

Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent: Freshman, Undeclared

“It’s handy to be near fellow classmates, especially when tests come around”

Sarah Kesack

Sarah Kesack, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer and Honors

“Living with people in my classes-I can walk down the hall for homework help!”

Jake Moore

Jake Moore: Freshman, Economics

“It’s a great dorm-really clean because it was an all girls dorm”

Kenyn Cheatham

Kenyn Cheatham: Freshman, International Business and Economics

“Getting to live with everyone in my learning community and being able to work together easily.”

Mary Frances Roth

Mary Frances Roth: Freshman, Classics and Honors

“Making Harlem Shake videos in the lounge”

Dylan Gray

Dylan Gray: Freshman, Business

“There’s never a dull moment”

Carina Fairfield

Carina Fairfield: Freshman, Undeclared Science

“The friendly atmosphere”

Alex Sebastiao

Alex Sebastiao: Freshman, Undeclared Arts

“Getting to live in the same dorm with my classmates so I can get to know them better”

Elise Van Arsdale

Elise Van Arsdale: Freshman Undeclared

“Study parties in the lounge”

Patrick O'Toole

Patrick O’Toole: Freshman, Political Science

“There is a strong sense of community”

Joe Genovese

Joe Genovese: Freshman, Business

“The people”

by new Newsletter co-editor, Margaret Shull. Margaret is a freshman in Arts and a member of the Global Scholars Humanities Program within Honors.

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