Ways to Walk through Honors

The Honors Program offers a flexible, interdisciplinary course of studies to students in all colleges. To get the most out of the Program, participate in our Senior Thesis Track or Oral Comprehensive Examination Track.

Students who do not participate in these comprehensive and rigorous tracks may earn the Honors Program Minor, or may elect not to pursue any of the formal certifications of the Program. Whatever their academic plans, students may be members of the Honors Program, enroll in courses, and participate fully in all Program activities as long as they maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.33 and enroll in a minimum of one Honors course every third semester.

Honors Credential Requirements

Thesis Track:                                                                                      

Complete a total of 10 Honors Courses

Senior Thesis Students who purse the Thesis Track combine their Honors studies with a major in a specific academic discipline.

The Thesis Track is recommended for students who intend to pursue a graduate or professional degree.

Oral Examination Track:                                                                 

Complete a total of 10 Honors Courses                                               

Students complete an Oral Comprehensive Examination in their major field in the senior year, similar to graduate level comps, but at the undergraduate level.

Students who pursue the Oral Examiniation Track combine their Honors studies with a major in a specific academic discipline.

Honors Minor:                                                                                      

Any 5 Honors Courses, at least 2 of which of are upper level

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