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Villanova’s Honors Program offers students a distinct and challenging academic experience, the hallmark of which is the seminar learning model.  All Honors courses are taught as small seminars. Class size is normally restricted to 16 students, with primary emphasis placed upon student initiative in discussion, research, and presentations.

The academic challenge inherent in this seminar structure provides an ideal environment for the development of effective communication and critical thinking skills, encouraging independent thinking, clarity, focus, and sound critical judgment.  The small class size of the seminars encourages lively discussion in an informal atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. Intellectual dialogue that continues beyond the seminar room is a recurring stimulus for students and instructors alike to explore the connections between the academic world and our contemporary experience.

The Honors Program schedules a variety of introductory and advanced level seminars each semester. Introductory level seminars fulfill specific core requirements in the humanities (History, English, Philosophy, Theology), social sciences (Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Geography), Mathematics, the fine arts, the Augustine and Culture Program (ACS), Ethics, and Business. The Program also offers a variety of upper-level electives, which may be used to fulfill free-elective requirements or elective requirements in some majors.  In addition to these regularly scheduled seminars, students are encouraged to design more specialized independent study courses in which they can work individually with a faculty mentor.

On our Curriculum pages, you will find information about ways to walk through our Program, the Honors Senior Thesis, our current course descriptions, and other academic opportunities available to our students.

Photo of Taylor Hinch

The Honors program would like to extend a very warm congratulations to one of our amazing students, Taylor Hinch, for being selected as a 2021 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellow! To read more about Taylor and her unique opportunity please visit the Villanova University Media Room.


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