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About Us

Villanova University Honors Program Mission Statement

The Villanova University Honors Program cultivates the minds and enlarges the sensibilities of our students, while providing a platform for outstanding faculty to bring forth innovative pedagogy and inquiry across disciplines and colleges.

The heart of our academic mission is to invite students into the rigors and delights of the life of the mind through a distinctive curriculum taught in small seminar classes.  The courses include unique cohort classes through which students fulfill part of their core requirements through an integrated sequence of themed courses; independent research, core- and upper level seminars, and capstone experiences such as the Senior Thesis.  Through these experiences, students learn to relate sympathetically and critically to their own traditions, while exploring how their cultural inheritance can be brought to bear on pressing contemporary questions about God, human life, society, and the world.

Further, the Honors Program is a community of fellowship in which students find friendship, encouragement and mutual support that enriches their college experience and prepares them for a mature, flourishing life.  This community revolves around common intellectual experiences, extra- and co-curricular activities, and interest in the life of the mind. 

Finally, the Honors Program aims at holistic formation so that our students are prepared for a life of leadership and service to their various communities: family, civic society, nations, and humankind.