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Honors Program

Each year, our most academically talented and ambitious students enter the Honors Program. Students who enroll in this selective program can take Honors classes to fulfill many of their core and major requirements across all four Colleges at Villanova.

As an Honors student:

  • Your small, discussion-based seminars are designed to provide you with an enriched academic experience and the highest level of personal attention.
  • You can choose to live in our Honors dorm and participate in one of our several intentional learning communities, including ones that develop your leadership skills.
  • You will be challenged to think creatively and critically, and we will provide you with opportunities to be a leader on campus.
  • You're empowered to take on original leadership projects, participate in special international experiences, and work closely with the most gifted teachers and scholars at Villanova, who serve as your mentors.

The University Honors Program focuses on the whole person--mind, body, and spirit. We support our students' pursuit of excellence in a warm and collegial community. Villanova Honors students value hard work, patience, honesty, rationality, curiosity, and learning. They are thinkers who do, treating their college years as a proving ground for leadership and success.

After graduation, Honors students pursue a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers in fields ranging from consulting and finance, to law and government, to science and medicine, to public service.

In short, Villanova is one of the nation's premier Catholic universities, and in Honors, students enjoy the best we have to offer. Honors seeks leaders who display sharp, critical intelligence, a passion for service, and a broad range of intellectual interests. Feel free to browse our web site to learn more about all the opportunities an Honors education at Villanova affords.

Photo of Taylor Hinch

The Honors program would like to extend a very warm congratulations to one of our amazing students, Taylor Hinch, for being selected as a 2021 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellow! To read more about Taylor and her unique opportunity please visit the Villanova University Media Room.


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Honors Program Brochure

Click the image to access our latest brochure and learn more about the program.

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