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Black Oral History Project

Black Villanova:  An Oral History is a project focusing on the African American student experience at Villanova University throughout the period of roughly 1950-1985. The purpose of this project is to document the history of this period through the voices and perspectives of African American students who contributed significantly to the history of Villanova University.

The project seeks to document the significant contributions to campus life which African American students made during this time period. This oral history project will serve as a unique and valuable educational resource for future generations.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to view the pages of each of the individual participants. Black Villanova: An Oral History was launched October 2011 at a reception during Villanova's annual Homecoming festivities. Interviews with alumni have subsequently been conducted in Florida, New York City and on the campus of Villanova University. The project's website was unveiled at the "Back and Black:  Celebration of the African American Experience at Villanova" event on October 27, 2012. This event brought back to Villanova's campus many participants of the project to re-unite and to re-connect with each other and with their alma mater.