Inclusive Excellence Speaker Series

As a way of engaging members of the Villanova community in regular conversations about diversity the Center for Multicultural Affairs developed an Inclusive Excellence Series during the Spring 2013 semester.

Inclusive Excellence: The Academic Side of Diversity and Inclusion

Dr William Smith

The first event in our Inclusive Excellence Series, was the symposium entitled, Inclusive Excellence: The Academic Side of Diversity and Inclusion.  At this symposium Dr. William Smith (University of Utah) discussed his theory of racial battle fatigue which led into a discussion about our diversity challenges and opportunities in the academic arena at VU.

Inclusive Excellence & Intergroup Relations

Dr. Patricia Gurin

At our second event, Inclusive Excellence & Intergroup Relations, Dr. Patricia Gurin (University of Michigan), an expert witness in the University of Michigan affirmative action cases, delivered a lecture entitled Engaging Diversity: Its importance in 21st Century Education. Her slide show is available at:  Gurin’s lecture was followed by an Intergroup Relations workshop for VU faculty and staff. At the workshop our community members gained a better understanding of Intergroup Relations courses, had an opportunity learn about the similarities and differences of their colleagues, gain dialogue skills, and preview activities that can be used in classes to talk about difference.


 Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty

Dr. Joanne Moody

The final event in our Inclusive Excellence series was a 2-day visit from Dr. Joann Moody who discussed recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty. During her visit Dr. Moody met with various leaders on campus to discuss developing transparent practices for search committees, opportunities to diversify applicant pools, and the importance of mentoring new faculty of color.