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Falvey Scholars Award

The Falvey Scholars Award is an annual program established by Falvey Memorial Library to recognize outstanding undergraduate research. This award was established in 2002 by Joseph P. Lucia, University librarian and director. Since its inception, it has been a collaborative initiative of the Library, the Honors Program, and the Center for Research and Fellowships.

The recipients of this award are selected from a pool of candidates, that is generated by applications submitted by nominated Villanova University students, or a group of nominated students working on a senior project together. 

Senior students must be nominated by their faculty advisor and submit a completed application to be considered for the Falvey Scholars Award.

Awardees are selected by the Falvey Scholars Selection Committee, comprised of representatives from Falvey Memorial Library and each of the Colleges.

There are five discipline related awards in the competition. Candidates will be identified by the College for which the senior project is completed for academic credit. The five awards are dedicated to: Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, and Business

The nomination and application links can be found on the Falvey Library website

Group projects should be submitted for consideration as a single applicant.

The Falvey Scholars’ senior projects will be presented during the awards ceremony in Falvey Memorial Library on Friday, April 28th, and is open to the public.

Our Fabulous Falvey Scholars

The 14th annual Falvey Scholars Award ceremony took place on Friday, April 22, 2016. The University Librarian Millicent Gaskell, Director of Falvey Memorial Library, opened up the program and invited University Provost Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD, to formally welcome attendees. Gaskell, who acted as event emcee and award presenter throughout the program, then invited the faculty mentors and student award-winners up one-by-one to present projects. At the conclusion, University President, the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75 CLAS gave closing remarks.

Chloe DeEntremont

Student: Chloe DeEntremont
Title: “Patriarchally Ever After?: Disney’s Perpetuation of Male Dominance through Animals Sidekicks’ Interactions with Princesses and Princes”
Mentors: Dr. Sheryl Bowen and Dr. Heidi Rose

Meghan Barker

Student: Meghan Barker
Title: “Bumptious Bodies: Analyzing Pregnant Space in Contemporary Artwork”
Mentors: Dr. Sheryl Bowen, Dr. Maghan Keita, Dr. Timothy McCall

Molly Purnell

Student: Molly Purnell
Title: “The Intergenerational Cycle of Obesity: Nursing Implications and Interventions”
Mentor: Dr. Meredith MacKenzie

Tara Malanga

Student: Tara Malanga
Title: “Does Nitrogen Addition Irreversibly Alter Soil Microbial Community Composition and Function?"
Mentor: Dr. J. Adam Langley

Thomas Cox

Student: Thomas Cox
Title: “Measuring the Adoption and Deployment Rates of Disruptive Technologies”
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Andriole

Contact Information

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Catherine Stecyk
Director, Center for Research and Fellowships & Presidential Scholars Program

Chelsea Benincasa
Associate Director, Center for Research and Fellowships & Presidential Scholars Program

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Assistant Director, Center for Research and Fellowships

Gray Kidd, PhD
Assistant Director, Center for Research and Fellowships

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Assistant Director, Center for Research and Fellowships

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Sr. Administrative Assistant, Center for Research and Fellowships