Luke Izzo

luke izzo

Senior biochemistry major and 2016 VURF recipient Luke Izzo presented his research at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting in April 2017.

On his experience:

"I presented a poster at the ASBMB annual meeting in Chicago and was able to get the experience of not only navigating a large conference but also communicating my research to others in similar fields. During the time I manned my poster I had five people visit and inquire about my research which was a fantastic experience for me to receive feedback on my research as well as improve my communication skills. Along with getting to present I was able to interact with other researchers at both poster sessions and talks. I went to many sessions focusing on cancer and antibiotics during the five days of the conference. Many of the cancer talks involved mechanistic discoveries and their relationship to the development of novel therapeutics which is particularly relevant to my professional development as I will be going to the University of Pennsylvania to peruse a PhD in cancer biology with a hope of working towards new therapeutic strategies. The antibiotic talks often focused on resistant bacteria and ways to overcome this resistance. Many groups are working to develop extremely specific antibiotic using bacteriophage in order to avoid broad spectrum antibiotics which cause many problems in terms of antibiotics and affecting our microbiome in negative ways. I am very grateful for the support of CRF and the travel award which allowed me to have this experience. I think what I gained in both knowledge from listening to the talks as well improving my communication is invaluable to my future plans. The picture is from my poster presentation in the non-coding RNA section of the Experimental Biology conference (ASBMB was housed within the larger EB meeting)."