Laura Meissner

laura meissner

Senior biology major and 2016 VURF recipient Laura Meissner presented her research at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting in April 2017.

On her experience:

"The ASBMB conference was very interesting because it was part of the Experimental Biology conference, so I was able to attend other meetings, especially in the American Society for Nutrition. ASBMB had interesting talks on antibiotic resistance, all of which I attended. One of the talks focused on the underlying mechanisms that confer the resistance, and another discussed therapeutic strategies to overcome resistance. I also attended a cancer signaling and therapeutics session that was part of ASBMB. As I mentioned, the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) was also in attendance at the Experimental Biology meeting, so I was able to attend many interesting talks on the immune system and nutrition. I also attended many meetings on the impact of nutrition on the microbiome. I was able to present my poster at two separate sessions, and spoke to seven people, all of whom had interesting questions and offered interesting insight regarding my research that I was unaware of. Overall, the meeting was very interesting and informative. Thank you for funding my travel expenses."