Kinjal Dave

kinjal dave

Kinjal Dave recieved a VURF travel grant to present her research at the ASU Women of Color in STEM Entrepreneurship Conference in 2017.

On her experience:

"My ability to attend the ASU Women of Color in STEM Entrepreneurship Conference allowed me to connect with like-minded scholars, activists, and leaders in diversity and inclusion. The opportunity to present was a unique experience, and I realized I had not previously truly understood that my research was important to this audience. I was approached by several scholars about the possibility of working with them in the future to advance diversity and inclusion at their institutions. Attending the conference put me directly at the heart of a vast network of women of color who were interested in helping one another become established, and I have continued to stay in touch with the individuals I met there. Attending conferences like this are essential for future scholars and young people to discover the academic niche of their interest. Thank you to CRF for making this possible, I would not have been able to attend without the financial assistance."