Laura Campbell

Elaine Resso, Dr. Wojcik, and Laura

Laura Campbell received a VURF travel grant to present her research at the Middle States Council for the Social Studies Conference.

On her experience:

"I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the Middle States Council for the Social Studies (MSCSS) Conference from February 26th to the 27th in Annapolis, MD. During this experience, I was able to present with Dr. Wojcik and Elaine Resso on a presentation that we had worked on throughout the semester. Our presentation was called “Propaganda: Art or Political Persuasion? Taking Multiple Perspectives on Primary Sources,” and throughout it, we explored the idea of propaganda as art and used the C3 framework and heuristic of modern and postmodern art in order to interpret photographs, political cartoons, and political posters. Presenting in front of both pre-service and current teachers was a nerve-wracking but very worthwhile experience. It provided me the opportunity to get more comfortable presenting and seeing what an actual conference presentation is like, as opposed to presentations that we do in class. Furthermore, I was able to attend other presentations of my choosing, including an interview-prep panel for pre-service teachers, a lesson presentation titled “Founding Mothers,” Dr. Wojcik’s presentation on a teacher experience in Poland, and a session exploring the use of Twitter in the classroom to teach the Civil War. I was able to leave this conference with an abundance of knowledge and resources, including lesson plans and a variety of new sources to explore. Attending and presenting at the MSCSS Conference allowed me to get a glimpse into the professional development world of educators which is not something many undergraduate students get to experience. I definitely believe that this opportunity has given me new ideas and ways to incorporate the C3 Framework and different ways of exploring all components of social studies in the classroom when I student teach and become a teacher. I am extremely grateful that I had this opportunity, and I am so appreciative that I was able to attend and present at this conference."