Kathryn Cushing

Kathryn at the Annual Psychonomics Conference in 2016

Kathryn Cushing received a VURF travel grant to present her research on Cognitive Control at the Annual Psychonomics Conference in 2016 and 2015.

On her 2016 experience:

"I am extremely grateful to have received ample support from Villanova University to attend and present at Psychonomics 2016. My research was regarding fast mapping or the rapid learning of novel objects. We were interested to see if disjunctive syllogism, the active rejection process, and semantic activation are required for fast mapping. Overall, we worked with approximately 250 subjects for the study. I was able to work with another undergraduate student and Dr. Kan and I am endlessly appreciative of all they do. I am honored to have attended Pyschonomics for the second time with the support of Villanova University."

kathryn 2015
Kathryn at the Annual Psychonomics Conference in 2015

On her 2015 experience:

"I had a very enriching experience at The Annual Psychonomics Conference 2015. I attended many spoken presentations ranging from Cognitive Control, my area of research, to Consciousness. The poster sessions were very intriguing and a great learning experience because I had the chance to read about the research then, in a casual environment, ask the researcher clarifying questions about their work. I had the opportunity to present the research I have been assisting with during a poster session, which challenged me to become more comfortable speaking about the complex topic of Cognitive Control. I also learned a lot from the questions I received and suggestions of how I can improve future experiments. From creating the poster to speaking with researchers from other universities, I had a wonderful experience. I am extremely grateful for the leader of this research, Dr. Irene Kan, and the support of CURF for granting me this opportunity."