Kathleen O'Hora


Senior Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major Kathleen O'Hora received a VURF travel grant to present her research at the Psychonomics Society's Annual Meeting 2017.

On her experience:

"I attended the Psychonomics Society’s Annual Meeting in Boston, MA to present a poster of the research I have been working on with Dr. Irene Kan and my fellow undergraduate, Kathryn Cushing. Our study investigated the mechanisms behind the cognitive phenomenon of Fast mapping, the rapid acquisition of novel label-object pairings. I have worked in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Lab with Dr. Kan since the beginning of my sophomore year. This experience has provided me an excellent opportunity to apply what I learn in my Neuroscience classes to the lab setting and to further grow my intellectual curiosity. Attending this conference and working with Dr. Kan has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities available in the field of Neuroscience research, which I hope to pursue after graduation this May."