Gina Talamo


Environmental science major Gina Talamo presented her VURF research at the Geological Society of America's annual conference in Denver.

On her experience:


At the end of September, I had the opportunity to attend the Geological Society of America's annual conference, which was held this year in Denver, Colorado. I presented my research from the summer and was fortunate enough to have conversations with geologists, environmental scientists, and students about research in earth science. I also attended several sessions on areas of interest to me, from emerging contaminants to watershed management to paleoecology. I learned about some of the nuances between environmental science and geology, as well as the intersections between the two. I was able to network with many students and educators with similar interests, and I took part in a museum trip to learn even more about rare minerals and the formation of the Rocky Mountains. I feel so grateful to Villanova for giving me the opportunity to attend this conference and pursue my passion.

gina presenting