Erin Peterson

erin peterson

Erin Peterson, a 2016 Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellow, presented her research at the American Chemical Society Meeting and Exposition.

On her experience:

"Attending the 252nd American Chemical Society Meeting and Exposition was a pivotal opportunity with respect to my research interests and my aspirations to pursue a PhD in Chemistry. Not only did I participate in a symposium honoring some of the most influential chemists in my field but I explained my own research to them, interacted with potential advisors and experienced the motivation that comes from being a part of the larger scientific community. In addition to research-based events, I volunteered during educational sessions aimed at helping undergraduate students think about their future goals and apply to graduate school. Presenting at this conference jump-started my senior thesis and was one of the most crucial moments of my research career at Villanova. In addition, the poster I presented won the ACS Eastman Poster Award which is given in recognition of innovation and excellence in the field of energy and electron transfer. Thank you above all to my research advisor, Dr. Jared Paul, to my fellow lab members and to our collaborators, for their assistance and guidance both inside and outside the lab."

erin peterson poster