Christopher Moritz

Christopher presenting his research

Senior Computing Sciences major Christopher Moritz received a VURF Travel Grant to present his research at the International Symposium for Visual Computing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On his experience:

"Going to the International Symposium for Visual Computing (ISVC) was a great experience that not only introduced me to new concepts in computing but also furthered my knowledge of my own research.  Some of the research I did to gain entry to this conference was only possible with the help of my professor as some concepts proved difficult for me to understand. Yet seeing others’ work in similar fields helped me understand my own research further. In addition, just the idea of travelling to meet people in a similar field as me excited me to no bounds. I found that everyone at the conference had some really interesting research to present and really helped me direct my approach in what I want to pursue in the future. In addition, seeing the beautiful city of Las Vegas was just another added benefit to the entire experience. I sincerely thank the Center for Research and Fellowships for their help in funding my research experience!"