Shondaray Ducheine


Shondaray Ducheine was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Athens, Greece.

On her experience:

"Teaching is my passion and, wonderfully enough, it is leading me on an unforgettable adventure. Currently, I am working at a private educational institution in Psychico, Athens, Greece. English Language and Literature lessons in 7th to 9th grade classrooms fill my working day hours. Most afternoons you'll find me supervising club meetings for middle school and high school students in the area of impromptu speaking and debate. If there isn't a debate tournament that I need to be judging, during my free weekends I will either be chatting in a cafe with locals, walking around the city, touring an archaeological site, relaxing on the beach, hiking up mountains, visiting a different part of Greece, or visiting another country. More often than I'd like, my week gets overwhelmed with school responsibilities, social activities and local events. Even so, I never complain because I'm doing what I love in a place I never imagined I would be residing. A large part of my adventure's beginning comes from the help and guidance I received from CRF. Without the information, encouragement, and support from the staff working in the office, I wouldn't have applied for the Fulbright Scholarship and I wouldn't be achieving professional and personal goals to the extent that I am now."