Brigid Connolly


Brigid Connolly was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Costa Rica.

On her experience:

“Sometimes things have a tendency to spin out of control and develop ion their own, leaving you caught up in the resulting whirlwind.  Advisors give you lists of scholarships, graduation looms in the not so distant future, and everyone wants to know what you are going to do with your life.  You apply for grants and scholarships, only to relearn the lessons from applying to college in the first place: nearly everyone has the same qualifications and the process is completely incomprehensible.  Yet, due to their own special brand of magic, CRF has the ability to slow life down, highlight your strengths, and make the whole processes understandable.  They (almost literally) hold your hand, and guide you to answer your own potential.  After all, with every essay draft, until, finally, they transformed this student from a slightly harried senior, only originally applying to appease her advisor, to someone actually thinking critically about the next steps after graduation, what I wanted out of my life, and what my expectations for myself were.  Now, I’m not saying that I definitively discovered any answers, but it was a crucial step in opening the path to Fulbright and to opening doors and opportunities previously closed without the grant.  It is because of CRF that I am able to sit at my kitchen table, writing this testimonial, as I admire Central America’s tallest peak.  (Plus, skipping winter wasn’t half bad either.)  And, it is because of CRF that I am able to explore the next step on my professional and personal journey, wherever it may lead.”