Nicholas Ader


Nicholas Ader received the DAAD-RISE Scholarship for Biochemistry in 2013 and the Barry Goldwater Scholarship in Excellence for Biochemistry/Biology in 2014. Having received the Marshall Scholarship in 2015, he is currently studying Molecular Biology and Neurobiology at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England.

On his DAAD-RISE experience:

"Before a conversation with the staff at CRF, I never thought it was possible to study abroad as a STEM major. Thankfully, they told me about the perfect opportunity to both pursue a paid research internship and spend the summer abroad – the DAAD RISE program.

RISE provided me with the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research in Luebeck, Germany for 3 months after my sophomore year. Despite only two years of undergraduate research experience, I was put in charge of my own research project and worked directly with the principal investigator of the institute. My research group and I were able to publish an academic paper detailing a possible mechanism for novel drug delivery based on my summer work. Outside of the lab, I spent much of my free time biking to the surrounding towns outside of Luebeck and taking the train to places like Berlin, Salzburg, Lyon, and Paris. Returning to Villanova that fall for my junior year, I had a new appreciation for scientific research and a more global outlook. Furthermore, the experience I gained from my DAAD RISE internship was a key factor in my eventual receipt of both the Goldwater and Marshall Scholarships.

Without CRF, I would not have had my DAAD RISE experience. It was the staff of CRF that first told me about RISE and encouraged me to apply. They helped me with both application writing and interview preparation. Upon receipt of the DAAD RISE scholarship, CRF even secured the funds to pay for my sizable airfare to Germany.

CRF is truly an amazing resource to have at Villanova. I would encourage all students, regardless of discipline, to venture over to Garey Hall and see what exciting opportunities CRF has for them."

"Lab outing at Travelmunde Beach"
"At the Berlin Wall"
"Aftermath of a Holi Festival in Luebeck. Went with two labmates, Sarah (on my right) and Annabelle (on my left)"
"At a Beer Garden in Munich"
"Above Castle Neuschwanstein"