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Presidential Scholars Program Summer Academy

Presidential Scholars Class of 2021 with their Summer Academy Student Leaders
Presidential Scholars Class of 2021 with their Summer Academy Student Leaders

Presidential Scholars Program (PSP) Summer Academy

To support and cultivate the limitless academic and leadership potential in each Presidential Scholar, the Presidential Scholars Program (PSP) has developed the PSP Summer Academy. This eight-day intensive program for incoming Presidential Scholars fosters an intellectual community that celebrates diverse ideas and develops critical thinking, dialogue, and strong writing skills. Summer Academy cultivates leaders who shape the intellectual climate of the University through their work inside and outside of the classroom and encourages ethical intelligence, curiosity, and creativity.


"My time at Summer Academy was incredible. Participating in the program gave me an earlier opportunity to get acclimated to a new college environment, with a small group of students from across the country, that I remain good friends still to this day. The experience gave me the chance to learn more about the area around me and the Villanova campus through various activities, establish great connections, and calm my nerves for the impending journey I would be on for the next four years. I would not trade my time in Summer Academy for anything." –Gregory Damas '21

"I loved every second of Summer Academy! Having the opportunity to explore campus, make new friends, and adjust to life away from home all before orientation made me a more confident first-year student. Summer Academy was so much fun and did a great job easing any worries I had about college life! It will always be one of my favorite Villanova experiences!" –Taylor Hinch '21

"I cannot imagine starting college without Summer Academy. I came from over 1,000 miles away in Kansas City, MO and I only knew one person who went to Villanova. Summer Academy made me comfortable on campus and gave me a network of friends, faculty, and upperclassmen to reach out to if I felt homesick. It was one of the best weeks of my freshman year!" –Sarah Harris '19

"By day, thought-provoking, stress free coursework and dialogues prepared me for college academics and challenged me to think deeper. By night, superb student leaders and fantastic faculty fostered the growth of a family. In just a week, Summer Academy made Villanova feel like home." –Andrew Lee '19

"The academic and social opportunities during Summer Academy were invaluable. Group dialogues challenged my perspective and offered a preview of college intellectual life. Going on trips provided a preview of Philadelphia and the area around campus. Meeting upper-class Presidential Scholars enabled me to learn the 'ins-and-outs' of Nova before most freshmen even stepped on campus. Through Summer Academy, I developed great memories and my closest friendships. It was definitely the best experience of my freshman year at Nova." –Ron Berna '18

"I'll admit I was nervous when I left home for college - most people are. Summer Academy made the transition fun, exciting, and fluid. Under the leadership of the older Presidential Scholars, that one week in August was when the roots of my greatest current friendships were planted. It truly was a fantastic time." –Eric Aldieri '17

2017 Summer Academy Student Leaders
2017 Summer Academy Student Leaders