The Rhodes Scholarship, the oldest and most celebrated fellowship in the world, brings outstanding students from around the world to the University of Oxford. 

  • Recognize outstanding scholarly achievements, character, commitment to others and the common good, and leadership potential
  • Eligibility at a glance:
    • Applicants must be between the ages of 18-24 and have completed a bachelor's degree by the start of the scholarship

Villanova Recipients


Student Year Field of Study
Patrick Smith (Finalist) 2017 Population Health
Jessica Wamala 2014 Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Weddy Worjroh (Finalist) 2014 International Migration
Tiffany Brown (Finalist) 2008 Psychology
Morgan Jones (Finalist) 2006 Immunology and Cancer Research
Krista Pietrangelo (Finalist) 2004 Comparative Social Policy
Bruce O'Neill (Finalist) 2004 Comparative Social Policy
Tom Grace (Finalist) 2004 Law
Nicholas Falco (Finalist) 2004 Theater
Ryan Costella (Finalist) 2004 Chinese Studies
Peter Klimas (Finalist) 2003 Computer Engineering
John Dawson (Finalist) 2002 Chemical Engineering
David Quinn (Finalist) 2002 Mechanical Engineering
Regina Speicher (Finalist) 1999 PhD in Mathematics
Stephen Frein (Finalist) 1997 Psychology; Systems Analyst, Dept. of Defense
Rebecca Spies 1995 Medicine/Public Health
Lynne Curry (Finalist) 1993 Medicine/Public Health (MD/MPH program)
Nnenna Lynch 1992 Sociology
Jane Ashton (Finalist) 1985 -
Carlton Young (Finalist) 1983 Medicine