The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation supports the potential of terrific young people from across the United States committed to public service by providing scholarships for graduate school. The Foundation also brings Truman Scholars to Washington, DC, for anywhere from three months to two years—after college but before graduate school—and places them in positions with the federal government or with nationally focused nonprofit organizations.

Preliminary application for the Truman Scholarship:

Villanova Recipients


Year Field of Study
Morgan Reid (Finalist) 2017 The Lack of Counselors in Philadelphia High Schools
Timothy Ponciano (Finalist) 2017 Toxic Masculinity and Its Effects on Male Mental Health on College Campuses
Keith Martinez
2015     American Indian Studies
Stefan Johnson 2013 Prison Reform
Jerisa Upton (Finalist)
2013 Foreign Language Education
Jessica Wamala
2012 Middle East Studies
Ellen Salmi (Finalist) 2011 Labor and Gender Inequality in Cameroon
Weddy Worjroh (Finalist) 2011 Immigration Reform in the U.S.
Keenan Lynch (Finalist)
2009 Government Corruption in Rhode Island
Sarah Blanchard (Finalist) 2007 Education Reform
Katrine Herrick (Finalist)
2007 Predatory Lending
Diane Coffey 2005 Development Studies:
Revising the Milluenium Challenge Account
Thomas Emerson (Finalist)
2005 Education: Standardized Testing Reform
Nicholas Bouknight (Finalist)
2004 Workers' Compensation Reform in California
Stephanie Doyle (Finalist) 2004 Sexual Assault Awareness Curriculum
Sonul Mehta (Finalist) 2003 Public Health: Medical Malpractice Reform
Bruce O'Neill (Finalist) 2003 Law/Political Philosophy and Ethics:
Section 8 Housing Reform
Krista Pietrangelo (Finalist)
Social Work: Minimum Wage Indexing
Michael Rinaldi (Finalist)
1998 Law/Political Science:
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Ann Gavaghan 1996         Law/Public Health: Taiwan Public Health Internship
Ana Smith (Finalist) 1995 Medical Ethics; Rice University PhD; professor at Rice
Lynn Curry 1993 Medicine; MD/MPH at Johns Hopkins
Durriya Doctor (Finalist) 1992 Mathematics; Instructor, US Navy
Anson Asbury
1990 Law
Laura Stevens (Finalist)
1989 British Literature
Jamey Thiel (Alternate) 1989 Nursing
Darryl Ford (Finalist)
1985 Educational Administration; University of Chicago
Lisa Colautti 1984 Law