LIFT Mentoring Program

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LIFT (Limitless Initiative for Friendship and Trust) is a peer mentoring program. Research shows that a successful peer mentor program serves dual purposes. It not only helps first-year students in their adjustment to college by aiding in their academic and social adjustments to college but it also helps develop leadership and accountability with upperclassmen and teaches them a sense of social ethics and responsibility.

This program is open to all first-year students who will be referred to as “mentees.” All mentees involved in the program are guaranteed mentors. Mentors are highly selected upper class students who have excelled not only academically but also socially. They are engaged in the community in various student organizations. Students and mentors are matched up according to interests and availability.

Program Coordinators

  • Marquis Coates
  • Nicole Davis
  • Lauren Ward

Mission Statement

LIFT is driven to create a mentoring community to enhance the professional and personal lives of mentees, draw connections from both shared and unique experiences, and offer mutual assistance.


LIFT is a mentoring community driven to enhance the professional and personal lives of mentees, and empower mutual collaborative growth for all members.