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Peer Mentoring

  • Edward Collymore Honors Society

    The purpose of ECHS is to recognize scholars of high moral and academic integrity; foster academic and professional improvement; and encourage individual excellence in order to empower the multi cultural community to male a substantial impact on the campus of Villanova University.

  • LIFT Mentoring Program

    LIFT (Limitless Initiative for Friendship and Trust) is a peer mentoring program. Research shows that a successful peer mentor program serves dual purposes. It not only helps first-year students in their adjustment to college by aiding in their academic and social adjustments to college but it also helps develop leadership and accountability with upperclassmen and teaches them a sense of social ethics and responsibility.

  • My Sister's KeepHer

    My Sister’s KeepHer is a mentoring program intended to provide women with a place to speak, explore, learn, and grow with and from each other.

  • WISE Male Mentoring

    W.I.S.E exists to provide resources, empowerment, and social skill development for males students here at Villanova. We seek to positively impact the lives of these young men through mentorship, workshops, and various other programs and events.