ACTIVE Phase II Application

By completing this enrollment form, you are agreeing to participate in the ACTIVE (Advising, Counseling, Tutoring, Information to enhance the Villanova Experience) program offered by the Center for Multicultural Affairs for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.  Once enrolled you can only opt out when the semester is over.

  • I acknowledge that my participation requires that I register and attend at least one one UNITAS Mentoring Program, one Professional Development Program or Session, and one CMA Retention Program per semester. 
  • I agree to meet with my assigned graduate assistant biweekly to discuss my academic, personal, professional, and social development. I agree to meet more frequently with my assigned graduate assistant if I am having academic or personal challenges (on probation, getting poor grades, referred by staff/faculty/dean.)
  • In exchange for my participation, I have rights and access to any or all of the following services: grade monitoring; free tutoring in any subject matter upon request; free book lending from the library; free counseling from professional and certified counselors; attendance to any social events sponsored by the Program; attendance at professional development workshops offered by the Program; one-on-one mentoring with my assigned graduate assistant.
  • I understand that failure to meet my commitments to the Program, as discussed above, will result in termination from the Program and all services.

I certify I have read and understand the above statements and that by enrolling in the program I agree to all terms and conditions.

Please complete this form. When you click the Submit Button, you will see a confirmation form, Print a copy for your records.