Advising, Counseling, Tutoring, Information to enhance the Villanova Experience

Villanova’s Center for Multicultural Affairs seeks to ensure the academic and social success of all students, particularly those underrepresented at Villanova in terms of race, ethnicity and family income. The CMA accomplishes its mission through advocacy, outreach, diversity education, programming, and promotion of organizational awareness and change. We challenge and enrich our students in the classroom, the residence halls and in their daily lives. Further, the goal of CMA’s programming is not only to retain students, but to graduate them happy and prepared for future success.   


An integral and defining component of the Center for Multicultural Affairs overall mission, is to recruit, retain and graduate (happy) an increasingly diverse student body. We accomplish this goal through our comprehensive retention and mentoring programs.

We realize that both retention and mentoring are needed to successfully graduate students. Our retention program, while open to all first and second year undergraduate students, specifically target those students who are:

  • First generation to college students;
  • Socially defined as minorities who are most likely to become targets of oppression, prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; and
  • Members of racial/ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented and underserved in America’s educational system
  • There is a high financial need