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ACTIVE Retention Program

The Center for Access, Success and Achievement offers comprehensive integrated services to all in-coming students. Our goal is to ease your transition into the Villanova University community. In addition to academic tutoring, counseling and course advising, we can also help you select and get involved with a wide array of engaging extra curricular activities. ACTIVE stands for Advising, Counseling, Tutoring, Information to enhance the Villanova Experience. The ACTIVE Retention Program is in place to aid and ease the transition of first and second year students into the Villanova Community.

  • First year students are inundated with opportunities and issues on and off campus, and when faced alone, many students begin to feel overwhelmed and under prepared, which in turn affects their personal and academic life.
  • Second year students face an even greater problem. It is usually assumed that second year students have adapted to the University. Unfortunately, the bounty of resources once reserved for them is now redirected to the next wave of first year students.

Adding to both first and second year students list of concerns sometimes involve cultural differences, social, political, spiritual, and economic hardships. The Center for Access, Success and Achievement combats these concerns through the services they offer.

While all of our programs are open to all students, we actively seek students for our programs who identify with a “cultural” population or NOS (Not otherwise stated). Students accepted into the program gain access to all of the services mentioned above. The requirements are the student must:

  • attend a minimum of one (1) professional/personal development workshop
  • attend one (1) social outing per semester
  • meet with their assigned Graduate Assistant or Advisor biweekly  to discuss academic progress, personal-social, and career-related issues; ascertain the services needed to achieve these goals; review progress made
  • meet with an assigned tutor or tutors to improve academic performance, if recommended by faculty/staff
  • follow a personalized academic plan if GPA falls below 2.5.

Phase One Freshman Retention

  • Help Students Develop an Academic Plan
    o Review grades
    o Teacher feedback
  • Provide Tutoring
  • Counseling
    o Academic
    o Personal
    o Financial
  • Professional and Personal Development Programming

Phase Two Sophomore Engagement

  • Help Students Develop Strategies for Success
  • Major Selection
  • Provide Tutoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing Social Relations
    o Communication Skill Development
  • Developing ‘What’s Next’ Plans
    o Thinking about Graduate School
    o Internships
    o Career Development

Contact Us

Monday to Friday  
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Falvey Hall, Room 211

Phone: 610.519.4075
Fax: 610.519.7758
Email: CASA

Scheduled Visits

College Day Visits -
Groups ONLY

UPDATE:  College Day Visits are postponed until further notice.  

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The Center for Multicultural Affairs offers the following services listed below but are not limited to:

* Free Lending Library
* Free Tutor
* Academic and Financial Advising
* Social/ Professional/
   Personal Counseling
* Social Outings
* Professional Development
* Open, and Safe Discussions
* Personal and Professional
   Programming Opportunities
* Life Coach
* Academic Recovery