Sharing Their Stories

In the Center for Access, Success and Achievement our mission is to recruit, retain, and graduate students happy with the opportunities and experiences made available to them throughout their years at Villanova.


Words from a current CASA student...

"I really appreciate the love and support I receive from CASA. I admire the office so much and it means the world to me that I can receive help like this. Without you guys I wouldn't be here. So, again I say thank you! And thank you to all the staff in CASA who make college a little easier." -Kerlyn Rodriguez (College of Nursing, 2018) 


Elliot Williams

Quotes from 2016 Graduates...


"CASA was my home away from home. The people in that office helped me realize that I belonged at Villanova. They are, without a doubt, the reason I transitioned smoothly from year to year and set goals for my life post-graduation. I am now a graduate fellow at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in Syracuse, also interning at Syracuse Media Group, and I wouldn't be here without the guidance of CASA. Thanks!" -Elliot Williams 



"The people in the CASA gave me the support I needed to keep going forward even when the times were rough for me. I don't know what could've happened to me academic wise if it wasn't for the wonderful people at the CASA" -Submitted Anonymously




"CASA was always a place that I could go for guidance and support. I've made lifelong friends thanks to the Center. I am now currently working as an Analyst for Morgan Stanley in New York." - Jared Dawson





Letters from Recent Grads....

Ron Dukes

"The CASA gave me 4 meanful years at Villannova, and the 5th year [working as a graduate assistant in CASA] allowed me to fulfill an inner passion for helping others. I am more than excited to begin my journey at Price Waterhouse Coopers, but my excitement is coupled with a deep sadness for the family I will be leaving at Villanova. Thank you for such an amazing experience and all of the laughs. No two days were ever the same, but everyday put a smile on my face. Continue to inspire the next generation with the same laughter and kindness you shared with me...the CASA is INVALUABLE to the success of countless students and, ultimately, Villanova."

Ron Dukes

Class of 2012,  MBA 2013  

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"I am eternally indebted to the Center for aiding and guiding me through my four undergraduate years at Villanova. Coming in as an exuberant, somewhat hyperactive freshman, I was ready and willing to try anything and everything. The center provided me with the focus needed to flourish both socially and academically. I built professional and personal relationships with the excellent staff and forged bonds that I believe will truly last forever. Being a member of the Center for Access, Success and Achievement was far more than something that preoccupied my time at Villanova; it was far more than an organization I associated with during my free time. The people at the center became my extended Villanova family. As a member of the center’s family, I experienced many highs and several lows, but the support from the center was unwavering. The center taught me how to interact in social settings, how to behave in a professional manner, how to organize an activity, how to be an effective leader and many other skills that are going to aid me in whatever field I ultimately choose to pursue."  

Mentru Nagbe

Class of 2012

Our success as a Center can best be determined by the students we serve. Here the stories of some of our students and their experiences at Villanova.  If you are a graduate of Villanova University and were a member of one of our programs why not share your story?  Please email Linda Coleman with your story. Thanks!