Alternative-energy-news - Job posting section of a website that focuses on alternative energy news and information resources about renewable energy technologies.

Careerbuilder - Job search resource with green job listings; use keywords "green careers" and select a discipline.

www.coolworks.com Jobs in National Parks, Camps, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Jobs on Water, State Parks, Ski Resorts, Ranches, Internships, Volunteer positions.

Cyber-sierra - Cyber-Sierra's natural resources job search. This site lists links to multiple associations and job boards related to conservation occupations

Dayawaycareers.com - helping college students prepare for and find renewable energy jobs

Earthworks-jobs - Job posting resource for jobs in engineering, the sciences, and related subjects.

www.eco.org Organization - ECO has been dedicated to solving environmental problems and to the education of the next generation of environmental professionals. The hundreds of paid internships through ECO's placement program are at the heart of that commitment . . .You will find the most challenging and rewarding opportunities from ECO's current job listings:

Ecoemploy - Covers environmental employment in the USA and Canada, including natural, green and science listings.

http://ecojobs.com - environmental jobs in environmental career opportunities

Egbnj - Emerging Green Builders NJ represents a coalition of students and young professionals intent on promoting the green building movement; Lists job/internships/educational seminars/events.

http://ehscareers.com - environmental and safety jobs,

Engcen - Job postings specifically for engineering majors.

www.epa.gov/epahrist/ - U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Human Resources

Environmental Career.com - Brings together leading environmental employers with the best candidates to work for a better environment.

http://environmentaljobs.com - saving the planet - one job at a time.

www.fundforthepublicinterest.org/jobs/ - The Fund for the Public Interest

www.geographyjobs.com - jobs in urban planning, the environment, transportation planning, GIS, academia

www.greencareersguide.com  a free listing of careers and resources for those interested in employment opportunities involving green technology

Greencollareconomy - Green job postings and informational forums on sustainability.

Green Dream Jobs - Job service that specializes in connecting people with business skills with environmentally conscious employers

Greenenergyjobsonline - Job postings in the energy field in many disciplines.

Greenoptions - Community and network of blogs dedicated to helping you figure out what sustainability means to you.

www.greenpeace.org/usa/about/jobs - leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future

Jobs.greenbiz - A web site that lists green jobs in all disciplines. Their tag line is: "Business. The Environment. The Bottom Line".

Idealist - Job postings, blogs, speakers bureau, forums, and other information on sustainability.

Jobs.greenenergytv - This site lists green jobs from many disciplines.

Jobs.grist - Job board with e-mail alerts; contains environmental news and commentary.

Jobmonkey- Provides information on job opportunities for unconventional companies, mostly requiring travel; includes database of employees, job search resources guide, and postings for full time, part time and summer jobs.

Jobs.treehugger - Treehugger.com’s job board of green jobs.

Green-jobs.monstertrak.com - Leading on-line global careers network. Section especially for green careers with links to advice, news, and scholarships.

http://www.mastersinenvironmentalscience.org  anyone looking to get a degree and start a career in environmental science.

www.nature.org/careers/ - The Nature Conservancy - Protecting nature. Preserving Life

www.nwf.org/about/ - National Wildlife Federation - Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife

Onearth - An independent publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council

www.pennenvironment.org/jobs - Pennsylvania Environmental Lobbying firm

www.stopdodo.com Global Portal for Environmental Jobs & Resumes.

Sustainablebusiness - Green Dream Jobs – the only sustainable business job service. This site provides global news and networking services to help green business grow, covering all sectors: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.

Sustainlane - A listing of hundreds of jobs in the green collar economy

www.unitedplanet.org International volunteer abroad and cross-cultural exchange organization based in Boston. Humanitarian projects located in 45 different countries and include internships in the areas of environmental conservation, community development, construction, micro-empowerment, healthcare, women's empowerment, publication education, and orphanages.

USgbcny - Listings of job openings by the NY chapter of the US Green Building Council.

www.uspirg.org/jobs - U. S. Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups

www.webdirectory.com/Employment/ - The Environment Directory - Earth's Environment Search Engine