The Role of a Career Assistant

  • Assists fellow students with job search, career information and utilizing office resources
  • Critiques resumes and explains online services
  • Gives career-related presentations to student groups
  • Assists Career Center professionals with projects and programs
  • Increases student awareness of Career Center
  • Mandatory training takes place before the fall semester (approx 5 days before classes)
  • One scheduled office hour per week so students know when you’re available plus immeasurable time outside office
  • Staff meetings – CAs meet to discuss issues and events
  • Improve listening and helping skills
  • Learn more about various careers
  • Enhance personal career development
  • Participate in group-oriented training and activities
  • Talk to a current CA. If you don’t know any, stop by the Career Center; individual office hours are posted online
  • Contact Dave Leibig, Director, Career Development & CA Coordinator, 610-519-4066
  • Career Assistant Applications may be completed online when the recruiting for new CAs begins
  • Deadline Date: March 29, 2019
  • Candidates must contact the office to set up a 30 minute interview
  • Call 610-519-4060 or stop by office to schedule interview (application must be completed first)
  • Make sure to state that your appointment is for a Career Assistant interview

Career Assistants List

Gia B.
Kori D.
Nicole F.
Shelby G.
Nick H.
Alycia H.
Jade H.
Meredith J.
Lizzie K.
Reg K.
Kate M.
Sarah M.
Jess N.
Nicola P.
Haley R.
Melissa T.
Meghan W.