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Career Assistant Bios

Gia B.

Gia B.

'21, Political Science

VU Highlights: Treasurer of the Tau Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., President of the MLK Day of Service Committee, REACH Mentor, and of course CAREER ASSISTANT

Career Aspirations: I hope to become the first African-American Female Supreme Court Justice.

Most unusual job: I worked as a cashier and barista at Panera Bread. Although the positions are not unusual the stories and customers from the job were definitely interesting at times.

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake. It's extremely personalized in job-searching and also finding Villanova Alum who are interested in similar fields.


Jen C.

Jen C.

'21, Economics; Spanish and Communications Minors

VU Highlights: Villanova Cheerleading, Delta Gamma Sorority, Day of Service Committee, Office of Health Promotion Intern

Career Aspirations: Still very undecided as to what my career aspirations are.

Most unusual job: In high school I worked as a hostess at a French restaurant. It was never busy so to pass the time I would read the menu and by the end of the 2 months I had it memorized.

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake! It has everything you could ever need.


Cate G.

Cate G.

'21, Economics, French Minor

VU Highlights: I'm the Vice President of CrossFit Villanova and I'm involved in Villanova Voices, NOVADance, and...I'm a Career Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I want to find a job that involves what I'm passionate about- something health/wellness/fitness related, or a career more closely aligned with my Economics major. Or, if I'm lucky, a job with a combination of the two!

Most unusual job: One year I was a camp counselor at camp for the Historical Society in my town. We did activities related to my town's history and listened to presentations about what life was like around the Revolutionary War. One of the presentations was about colonial medicinal practices and I volunteered to pretend to get my leg amputated (for educational purposes obviously) was quite interesting to say the least!

Favorite Career Center resource: Definitely Handshake! It's such a helpful resource when it comes to tracking the internships/jobs that I'm interested in and learning information about when companies are coming to campus so that I can take the steps to pursue my career aspirations!


Nick H.

Nicholas H.

'21, Electrical Engineering

VU Highlights: CEER PEERS, IEEE, CubeSat Club, VU Gaming, Career Assistant

Career Aspirations: Electrical Engineering has a lot of different career paths so I'm hoping to get a better feel for what I want to do with more internships

Most unusual job: I've flipped four houses if you count that. I was also a delivery driver

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake is a classic. Market yourself on there.


Tara H.

Tara H.

'22, Business

VU Highlights: RUIBAL leader, Villanova Club Swimming, Women in Business, Society of Women in Financial Training (SWIFT) , Honors Program, & (the real highlight) Career Center Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I'm currently in the process of selecting my major in VSB, so my career aspirations are still up in the air! I'd love to end up doing something that provides stability, a fun work environment, and is a interesting intellectual challenge.

Most unusual job: Mine would have to be my job as a swim instructor for little kids. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've been clawed at, clung to, or splashed repeatably right in the face. But it's all worth it when the kids learn cool new skills!

Favorite Career Center resource: I love Handshake!! It is such a dynamic resource and I really like that it includes not only job/internship postings, but campus events, student Q&A threads, and an entire career center tab (shameless plug) with tons of great links!


Meredith J.

Meredith J.

'21, Accounting & Business Law

VU Highlights: Blue Key Society, New Student Orientation, VSB Dean's Office Assistant, and Career Assistant!!

Career Aspirations: Currently I am pursuing a career as a tax accountant. Further down the line, I can see myself switching into recruiting for a Big Four company, and even further down the line I would love to work in college admissions.

Most unusual job: In high school, I interned for my county's Office for Senior Resources. Whenever I had free time in the office, I would hang out with the senior citizens, playing bingo and chatting. Through this, I am now strangely good at shuffleboard.

Favorite Career Center resource: I really love the convenience of on-campus interviews as well as the ability to reserve a room for a skype interview. This accessibility makes things just a little bit easier for a nervous candidate.


Reg K.

Reginald K.

'21, Finance, Quantitative Finance Concentration

VU Highlights: Model United Nations President, Phi Sigma Pi, Mergers and Acquisitions Society, Club Badminton, and of course Career Center Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I'm pursuing a Quantitative Finance major which I hope will prepare me for a technical finance career. I also enjoy working and learning about non-profits.

Most unusual job: This past winter I worked as an audio-visual assistant for a nationally televised wrestling tournament, having very little audio-visual experience!

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake is the go-to application for all your internship and job searches needs.


Cass R.

Cass R.

'21, Finance major, Real Estate minor

VU Highlights: Alpha Phi Sorority, Club Basketball, Special Olympics ProVol, Career Assistant

Career Aspirations: I would love to gain experience on Wall Street this summer in a finance internship. I hope to come out of Nova with a job in investment banking or something to do with real estate.

Most unusual job: I made sandwiches at Potbelly Sandwich Shop for a summer.

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake is the most versatile app/website that is super helpful and easy to navigate through.


Katelyn T.

Katelyn T.

'22, MIS and Business Analytics

VU Highlights: Measure Up A Cappella, Villanova Voices, Multicultural Business Association, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Sophomore Service Learning Community, and of course Career Assistant!!

Career Aspirations: I would like to work at a multinational company that would allow me to travel, but I hope to explore different business paths through internships in the future.

Most unusual job: It isn't that unusual, but I tutored little kids at a math learning center. They definitely made work really interesting!

Favorite Career Center resource: The new Big Interview platform is really useful to help students practice potential interview questions that could apply to their respective majors.


Sam Z.

Sam Z.

'21, Finance

VU Highlights: Member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, STRIVE, One for the World, and being Career Center Assistant!

Career Aspirations: Finance can have a variety of different career paths so I’m just exploring my options for now but hoping to work in sustainability one day

Most unusual job: I worked as an Argentinian cowboy for four months on a dude ranch in Argentina

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake is such a versatile and useful tool, it has so many job postings and it constantly refines its algorithm to help students find a job/internship that is right for them.