Career Assistant Bios

Gia B.

Gia B.

'21, Economics & Political Science

VU Highlights: Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Administrative Chair of the MLK Day of Service Committee, and of course CAREER ASSISTANT

Career Aspirations: I hope to become the first African-American Female Supreme Court Justice.

Most unusual job: I worked as a cashier and barista at Panera Bread. Although the positions are not unusual the stories and customers from the job were definitely interesting at times.

Favorite Career Center resource: LinkedIn. I didn’t realize how resourceful Linkedin is for both job searching and networking with Villanova Alumni as well as other college students interested in similar fields.


Kori Durando

Kori D.

'19, Communication

VU Highlights: NOVAdance Committee, Special Olympics Committee, Blue Key Society, Alpha Phi, Student Alumni Association, and last but not least, CAREER ASSISTANT!

Career Aspirations: You never know where life will take you but I’d love to work in Public Relations at least in the beginning of my career.

Most unusual job: Not too unusual, but I was a Beach Badge Checker/Gate Attendant at the beach for two summers in high school, and it wasn’t too thrilling, but I definitely got to talk to a lot of interesting people!

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake is such an awesome tool with so many useful features. There are some cool updates this year so be sure to check them out!


Nicole Finnegan

Nicole F.

'20, Communication

VU Highlights: Social Chair of the Indoor Rock Climbing Club, Fitness Center Assistant & most importantly, Career Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I’m still in the process of selecting a major but I always want to be challenged and engaged in the work I do and make a positive impact.

Most unusual job: I was a background person for some movies and TV shows, and got to meet some celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson. Also, I was a child model for J. Crew Cuts.

Favorite Career Center resource: The Strong Interest Inventory Test is really helpful and insightful for those who are lost in respect to selecting a major; it really gives you a good start to which industries or fields you may be happiest in.


Shelby G.

Shelby G.

'20, Electrical Engineering

VU Highlights: I am the Instrumental Co-Coordinator for Pastoral Musicians and a CEER Engagement Committee Head for Engineering Student Council. I participate in IEEE, pit for VSMT, SWE, and I'm a career assistant!

Career Aspirations: I want to be an electrical engineer that helps make commonly used electronics more efficient. I also want to develop a more efficient battery or work on a hyper-loop tunnel.

Most unusual job: I was a cashier at a BBQ store in Texas! It was like a meat market so I got to yell back meat orders and throw around sides of creamy corn and baked beans! No matter how many times I washed my work clothes, the BBQ scent never came out.

Favorite Career Center resource: The people! They are extremely encouraging and supportive, not to mention how eager they are to help! I always walk away feeling confident in decisions I have to make and/or proud of the work I did on a resume or cover letter.


Nick H.

Nick H.

'21, Electrical Engineering

VU Highlights: Rock Climbing, IEEE, VU Gaming, Career Assistant

Career Aspirations: Electrical Engineering has a lot of different career paths so I'm hoping to get a better feel for what I want to do with more internships

Most unusual job: I've flipped four houses if you count that. I was also a delivery driver

Favorite Career Center resource: Nova Network is relatively new, but it already has so much to offer and will only improve as a resource the more people connect


Alycia Heggs

Alycia H.

'19, Finance, Economics & Accounting

VU Highlights: LIFT Mentor, Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society, President of the Tau Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Relay for Life Exec Chair, and of course CAREER ASSISTANT!

Career Aspirations: I hope to begin my career at a Big Four Accounting Firm in the Advisory Practice. I will just have to see where life takes me afterward.

Most unusual job: My most unusual job was working as a POS Associate for Kohl's (even though working at Kohl's is a normal job). However, I met many different and interesting customers. You definitely learn the art of patience and composure in customer service!

Favorite Career Center resource: Villanova Alumni Network - You will be amazed by how many Villanovans you find in various industries! They are also very willing to help other Villanovans!


Jade H.

Jade H.

'20, Marketing & International Business

VU Highlights: I was an Administrative Assistant for New Students Orientation 2017. I am also the president of Villanova International Students Organization(VISO,) and I ran the international orientation 2018! Last but not least, Career Center!!

Career Aspirations: I would love to do anything related designs in the future: either film production or graphic designs. I am a visual learner and I deliver messages through images and videos. I hope one day I can empower others through things I create.

Most unusual job:

Favorite Career Center resource:


Meredith J.

Meredith J.

'21, Business Exploratory

VU Highlights: Morale Committee for NOVAdance, Women in Business, and of course Career Assistant!!

Career Aspirations: Right now, I'm thinking about a career in Human Resources. Ask me again in 5 minutes and I could be considering law school or opening up a cat shelter, who knows.

Most unusual job: I have been a child's birthday party hostess at a local sports center for the past five years!! I love getting tipped in leftover pizza and ice cream cake but I am definitely not a huge fan of getting hit on by 8 year olds.

Favorite Career Center resource: NovaNetwork is so great!!! I love being able to directly connect with alumni for advice! They are so willing to help in any way possible and it reminds me of how strong the Villanova community is.


Lizzie Kaczorowski

Lizzie K.

'19, Marketing & International Business

VU Highlights: VSB Ambassador, Kappa Delta Sorority, Career Assistant, Honors Program

Career Aspirations: I hope to have a position with an internationally-focused company. I would love to work overseas and utilize my Spanish skills, which I look forward to developing while studying abroad this fall in Sevilla, Spain.

Most unusual job: I scooped ice cream at a neighborhood shoppe for two weeks before getting let go because I broke my toe and my cast wasn't allowed behind the counter.

Favorite Career Center resource: CareerShift is great for finding company contacts. I log in to my CareerShift account all the time to find recruiter emails for following up to an application


Reg K.

Reg K.

'21, Business Exploratory

VU Highlights: Alternative Investments Society, Business Without Borders, Honors Program, Model United Nations Activities Coordinator, and Career Assistant. I also studied through the Global Citizens Program the spring of my freshman year in Singapore

Career Aspirations: I am pursuing a Quantitative Finance track through the Villanova School of Business (VSB) which I hope will lead to a technical business career. I would also love to someday work with non-profits as well.

Most unusual job: I used to work at a paintball range. It was an interesting position to have but also really fun!

Favorite Career Center resource: The new Nova Network system is really cool! I would recommend its capabilities to any Villanova student looking to connect with alumni.


Kate McMahon

Kate M.

'20, History

VU Highlights: Besides working at the Career Center, I am involved in Blue Key as a tour guide. I also love to help out with Special Olympics and go to athlete practices weekly. I am also a participant in Service and Justice experiences and an Orientation Counselor.

Career Aspirations: In the future, I hope to somehow combine my passion for working with kids and making people smile. That or a supreme court justice, keeping all doors open.

Most unusual job: My most unusual job would have to be frequent Guinea pig sitting. My neighbors often left me in charge of their pet Guinea pig. His name was S’mores and I actually came to really like S’mores and put little American Girl clothes and hats on him. At one point I even put little glasses on him, clearly it was kind of a bummer whenever they came home and I was relieved of my Guinea pig sitting duties.

Favorite Career Center resource: I think Handshake is versatile and has many uses for students. It can be used for to help students network, find on campus interviews, and even search for jobs. But I would have to say my favorite Career Center resource would be the wonderful and enthusiastic staff members of the Career Center. They are truly always ready to help and are some of the best people Villanova has to offer in my opinion.


Sarah M.

Sarah M.

'20, Environmental Studies & Economics

VU Highlights: Outdoors club, Rock Climbing club, Honors Hall Council & Peer Mentorship program, and Career Assistant, of course!

Career Aspirations: My perfect career would include traveling, having fun, meeting lots of new people, and helping others (also hopefully putting this Economics degree to good use.)

Most unusual job: I worked at a small restaurant where I was a manager, chef, waiter, and caterer all at the same time. I learned a lot about the food industry, but I will hopefully never work in a restaurant again!

Favorite Career Center resource: The people! The staff in the Career Center are incredibly knowledgeable and they have a genuine desire to help Villanovans achieve their career goals.


Jess Nicholas

Jess N.

'19, Finance

VU Highlights: Equity Society, Blue Key Society, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, LPH, and Career Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I am planning to double major in Finance and Business Analytics and hope to maybe work in New York or Boston, but want to make sure I find a job that I am passionate about.

Most unusual job: Teaching swim lessons to very young kids. It is not easy to say the least.

Favorite Career Center resource: Handshake because it really helps you find job opportunities and keep up to date with things happening on campus.


Nicola Perzichilli

Nicola P.

'19, Political Science

VU Highlights: Honors Program, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Pre-Law Society, Career Assistant

Career Aspirations: I am currently on track to double major in Political Science and Honors with hopes to attend a prestigious law school. I would also love to study nutrition someday because I am very passionate about health and diet.

Most unusual job: My most unusual job would have to be when I reffed girls youth lacrosse games in high school. While it definitely made me more knowledgeable about the rules of the game as an actual player, it was definitely an eye opener to see how cut throat some of the parents became when they watched their 5th graders play lacrosse!

Favorite Career Center resource: My favorite career center resource would have to be Handshake. Not only does it post jobs/internships exclusively for Villanova students, it also has gotten a lot easier to use in the past year.


Haley R.

Haley R.

'19, Marketing & Business Analytics

VU Highlights: Villanova Irish Dance, Business Without Borders, VSB Ambassadors, Career Assistant, Deans University Student Advisory Council (VSB), Women in Business, Villanova Marketing Group, and I recently studied abroad in Dublin at UCD!

Career Aspirations: I aspire to work as a brand marketer for a company committed to health and wellness.

Most unusual job: I ran a donut and cider shop every fall as a kid where I would try to make a profit by selling my paintings and selling ""surprise bags"" that consisted of a random combination of candy, office supplies, and stickers.

Favorite Career Center resource: My favorite resource recently has been Nova Network. I have connected with several alumni using the filters in order to learn more about jobs in my field and in locations I am interested in. I met with an alum in Boston after work and she provided me wonderful insight into the transferable skills that Villanova gave her as well as why she loves being in the marketing analytics field.


Melissa Terhune

Melissa T.

'20, Management Information Systems & Business Analytics

VU Highlights: Special Olympics Committee, Women in Business Society, MIS Society, Level, and of course Career Assistant!

Career Aspirations: I am looking to have a career in the Information Systems and Information Technology field.

Most unusual job: I worked as a lifeguard and I think the most unusual thing I had to do as a lifeguard was test out a trapeze above a pool!

Favorite Career Center resource: efinitely Handshake! I love being able to log into Handshake and immediately having a multitude of opportunities to look into.


Meghan White

Meghan W.

'20, Finance & Business Analytics

VU Highlights: President of the Women in Business Society, Blue Key Society, VSB Peer Advisor, Love Your Melon Campus Crew, Chi Omega Sorority

Career Aspirations: I hope to work in financial services

Most unusual job: Sales Associate at a fine jewelry store in my hometown

Favorite Career Center resource: I would have to say the staff! They are always so eager to help any student with any and all career questions. The staff and career center assistants make the Career Center at Villanova so special.