Career Assistants

Career Assistants

Career Assistants are comprised of sophomores, juniors and seniors with ties to all four colleges at Villanova. They undergo extensive training on resume writing, major selection, job search strategies, interviewing techniques as well as graduate & professional school information. Career Assistants work cohesively with the Career Center professional staff and strive to assist students with the transition between college life and the professional world.

Career Assistants will help you with:

  • Critique resumes
  • Answer career questions
  • Suggest resources
  • Explain placement procedures and on-line services
  • Discuss majors and career decision making strategies.
For more information about Career Assistants, please see The Role of Career Assistants.
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Career Assistants List

Gia B.
Kori D.
Nicole F.
Shelby G.
Nick H.
Alycia H.
Jade H.
Meredith J.
Lizzie K.
Reg K.
Kate M.
Sarah M.
Jess N.
Nicola P.
Haley R.
Melissa T.
Meghan W.