Tutorial Assistance Program

The Tutorial Assistance Program was created in order to provide supplemental instruction to classroom lectures for student-athletes at Villanova University. All student-athletes have the convenience of requesting FREE tutorial support. In order to schedule a tutoring session, use the link on your myNova homepage and schedule an appointment with a tutor through GradesFirst.

Becoming a Tutor

Thank you for showing an interest in tutoring for the Office of Academic Support for Athletics. For many of our student-athletes, the Tutorial Assistance Program is a fundamental component of their academic needs and helps them achieve their goal of graduation. Below is some basic information that you will need to consider prior to applying for this position.

Tutorial Position Minimum Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • Students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or above with Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing. We also hire Graduate students.

Interpersonal Skills: 

  • Reliable, dependable, organized, punctual, friendly, ability to work well with others.
  • Dedicated and willing to make a semester long commitment to tutor with the OAS.
  • Must have unwaivering commitment to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.
  • Must respect the privacy of student-athletes and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Tutors must demonstrate strong teaching ability and be a good overall role model for the student-athletes they are tutoring.

Our Tutors:

  • On average, we employ 70-80 qualified tutors to help our student-athletes in a variety of coursework.
  • Hours vary and are flexible.  Hours are based on the needs of the student-athletes and the subject being tutored.
  • Tutor appointments are scheduled by the student-athlete during a mutually convenient time for both the tutor and the tutee. Most sessions take place in the Norton Family Theater Team Meeting Room, located in the Andrew J. Talley Athletic Center.  The Team Meeting Room is open Sunday - Thursday, 4pm-10pm throughout the regular academic year.  Tutor sessions also occur in the Office of Academic Support during normal business hours thoughout the week.
  • Compensation varies and is based on the courses tutored as well as the education level of the tutor (i.e: undergraduate vs graduate student).  Contact Krista Chmielewski for more information on pay rates.
  • The Office of Academic Support requires that all tutors attend mandatory, in-person trainings.  We also provide training modules online using Blackboard as well as informative newsletters for our tutors each semester. Additionally, we offer tutor evaluations by observing sessions in an effort to provide tutors with constructive feedback on their skills and areas for development.  We strive to keep our tutors informed and up-to-date on specific skills that can be used during tutoring sessions.  We do this by publishing a regular newsletter that gets sent to our tutors.  Finally, we provide opportunities for tutors to test their knowledge and assess their own abilities through online quizzes, case studies, and self assessments many times throughout the school year.

Expectations of Student-Athletes Receiving Tutorial Services:

  • Be prepared to ask questions!  Tutors are not expected to teach the course and do not take the place of the professor.  Tutors are there to supplement what you're learning and can help clarify any confusion you may have about the course content.
  • Bring all course materials to every session:  textbook, lecture notes, previously graded assignments with professor's feedback, course syllabus, etc.
  • Have a specific goal in mind and know what you are hoping to learn during the tutoring session.  Communicate that goal to your tutor at the beginning of the appointment.
  • Expect the tutor to challenge you to become an independent learner who will answer your questions along the way in an effort to help you reach your academic goals.
  • Be patient!  Learning new material takes time and practice!

Interested in Becoming a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for the Office of Academic Support for Athletics, please contact:

Krista Chmielewski, M.Ed.
Assistant Director
Office of Academic Support for Athletics 

Please fill out the appropriate application form below, and either e-mail it to Krista Chmielewski, send it through campus mail, mail it, fax it (610-519-6884), or drop it off at our office (Talley Athletic Center 162). Also, do not forget to include an official or unofficial transcript with your application!

Forms and Downloads

* TutorManual2013-14final.pdf
For more information about being a Tutor, please read the Tutor Manual.
* Undergraduate Tutor Application.pdf
Undergraduate Student Tutor Application
* Graduate Tutor Application.pdf
Graduate Student Tutor Application
* TutorSessionReport.pdf
Current Tutors must complete a tutor session report through the GradesFirst software system. In the case of technical difficulties, tutors can print a hard copy of the session report, fill it out, and drop it off in the Office of Academic Support.