Presentation Tips

Basic Elements of Classroom Presentations

  • Basic goals of your presentation.
  • Develop your presentation's topic to a few main ideas.
    • Audience characteristics and knowledge base
      Cover mutual ground as a starting point
      Compare and adapt the presentation's goals with the interests of the audience
    • Thesis statement
      State where you are going and what you will prove
    • Argument
      Convince them with facts and logic
    • Review and summarize when complete;
      Summarize what you've told them
      Check for comprehension
    • Questions and discussion
  • Practice by rehearsing the presentation, recording it, or reciting it to a few friends

Techniques of Delivery

  • Put your audience at ease with a relevant anecdote or joke, or get their attention with a dramatic gesture or event...
  • Use personal pronouns in your delivery;
  • Make eye contact with the audience;
  • Present your report with a conversational voice though vary it for emphasis;
  • Use transitions to signal the audience you're moving to a new idea;
  • Direct questions to your audience to get them more involved;
  • Conclude by summing up your main ideas, points, or arguments;
  • Leave your contact information (business card) for further questions
    • the content (un-addressed, related ideas)
    • the conclusions
    • your manner of presentation
  • Leave time for questions, and invite feedback on

Using Visual Aids or Media

  • the content (un-addressed, related ideas)
  • the conclusions
  • your manner of presentation
  • Call early and make sure hardware is compatible with your software;
    and software versions of your documents are compatible with versions of their software
  • Have several versions of computerized files (on your hard drive, disk, web site, and overhead and/or paper (!) just in case
  • Come early and make sure everything works and that any media (audio, visual, computer) can be seen, heard, understood by all
  • Keep all visual materials simple in large text for visibility
  • Have supportive materials for each idea
  • Do not distribute handouts, even outlines, before your speech (or the audience will focus on the reading material instead of listening to you)
  • Leave your contact information (business card) for further questions

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