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The Office of Academic Support utilizes the GradesFirst software system for tutoring.  All student-athletes can reach their GradesFirst account by clicking on the "Grades First" link on their myNova homepage.   

For Student-Athletes:  How to schedule a tutor appointment:

  • Click on "Grades First" on your myNova homepage.
  • On the GradesFirst homepage, click on “Schedule Tutor Appointment” for the class in which you need a tutor.
  • Choose the location you'd like to meet with your tutor.  The two options are:  Norton Family Theater Team Meeting Room (for appointments between 4 and 10 PM) or the Office of Academic Support (for appointments between 9 AM and 4 PM).
  • Choose a specific date you'd like to schedule an appointment.  You must schedule tutoring appointments at least 48 hours in advance.
  • You will then see the list of tutors for the class in which you'd like help.  Click on an open time to schedule the appointment.
  • After submitting the appointment information, you and the tutor will both immediately receive an email containing the appointment details.  You will also see the appointment scheduled on your GradesFirst calendar.   

For Tutors:  Session Reporting

At the end of each tutorial session, tutors are required to complete a Tutor Session Report via the GradesFirst online system.  Tutor Session Reports are used to judge the quality of the tutorial session, the student-athlete's cooperation and preparedness, and to verify payroll.  The tutor session report MUST BE COMPLETED by 12:00pm the day after the tutor session takes place.  The tutor will only be paid for those sessions in which a session report has been completed.  If you have problems completing the session report, please contact Krista Chmielewski immediately.

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