Class Attendance and Varsity Excuse Forms

There is a direct correlation between classroom attendance and academic success. Accordingly, class attendance is mandatory for all student-athletes. If a student-athlete must miss class due to participation in any Varsity contest, the athlete is to notify the professor before the absence.

Student-athletes are encouraged to notify each of their professors at the beginning of the term of classes he/she will miss during the semester due to Varsity competition. Student-athletes are responsible for completing any class work missed during absences including homework, assignments, projects, term papers and/or tests.

Varsity Excuse Form Procedure

Varsity excuse forms are available in the Office of Academic Support. Student-athletes must provide excuse forms to professors PRIOR to their departure from campus. Therefore, it is best to fill out forms one week prior to departure. Forms will be signed and available for student-athlete pick-up within 24 hours.

There will be absolutely no same-day or after-the-fact signing of excuse forms.

Villanova's Class Attendance Policy can be found here.

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