ID and Password FAQ's

In order to access Villanova’s information resources on the Internet and in the University computer you will be required to know your ID and password.

How did I get my ID and Password information?

All student, faculty and staff are automatically issued an ID and password. A letter with this information will be sent to your home. If you do not know the ID and password, contact University Information Technologies (UNIT) at 610-519-7777.

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What do I use my ID and password for? And what does it look like?

Your ID, that is used for logging into your e-mail account and Novasis, begins with your first initial and is followed by all or part of your last name and a number. Example: JSMITH01

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How do I get my Novasis PIN number?

NOVASIS requires a PIN number separate from all other university systems. Your ID will be the same as your e-mail. You will be mailed the PIN number when you enroll. If you do not have it, call the Registrar's Office at 610-519-4030 or go to the Novasis web site and request that it be e-mailed to you. The PIN Number is issued by the Registrar's Office.

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What can I do on Novasis?

You can:

  • View your grades
  • View the course catalog
  • Register for courses
  • Change your personal information (phone number, home address, etc.) and view your class schedule on Novasis.

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How do I register and /or access my grades on-line?

Students can access their personal account information, grades, class registration and other information at   Your Novasis account can be accessed at any time.  Your Novasis user ID is your Social Security Number and your password was assigned by the Registrar's Office.  You receive a mailing when you registered for classes for the first time.

If you forget your Novasis password go to:

This will allow you to acquire your Novasis password information.

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What is Blackboard and how do I access it?

Blackboard a e-learning resource where professors are able to post assignments, grades, class syllabi, or announcements.

You can access Villanova’s e-learning resources at the web address:

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