Intensive French Language & Culture, Political Science, and Global Sustainability in France

Location: Lille and Paris, France - Université Catholique de Lille

In addition to our widely-popular Intensive French Language & Culture and Global Sustainability tracks, we also offer a Political Science course! See below-

This six-credit program provides participants with a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of French language and culture, while also offering students the opportunity to study Sustainability in France, whether it be from the engineering, business, or environmental studies approach.

The program is divided into two distinct components: intensive coursework emphasizing language and civilization at all levels, as well as literature, writing, and French culture; cultural analysis highlighting the French way of life from both socio-cultural and linguistic perspectives; and for those on the Sustainability track, A French perspective on sustainability studies in ecology, economics, and energy.


In addition to our widely-popular Intensive French Language & Culture and Global Sustainability tracks, we are excited to announce a new Political Science course! See below-

All students are required to take two three-credit courses for a total of six VU credits. These courses should follow the sequence of French courses offered at Villanova.

Regardless of track, all students select one language course, below, following the sequence of French courses at Villanova University:

  • FFS 1121 - Intermediate French I
    Designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of the language (one year of college French) and wish to improve all four language skills.
    Students should have completed FRE 1111 and 1112 or the equivalent.

  • FFS 1122 - Intermediate French II
    Continuation of FRE 1122: Review of grammar, composition, reading and conversation.
    Students should have completed FRE 1121 or the equivalent.

  • FFS 1131 - French Conversation and Composition I
    Regular practice in conversation and composition with review of grammar and continuing work on language skills in French.
    Students should have completed FRE 1122 or the equivalent.  

  • FFS 1132 - French Conversation and Composition II
    Regular practice in conversation and composition with review of grammar and continuing work on language skills in French. 
    Students should have completed FRE 1131 or the equivalent.

  • FFS 1140: Writing and Stylistics in French
    Intensive practice in written expression and textual analysis.
    Prerequisite: FRE 1132 or approval from the French coordinator.

Students on Intensive French Language & Culture Track select one course from below:

  • FFS 1150 Contemporary France (taught in French) 
    Focuses on regional identities and other aspects from current French headlines.

  • FFS 3076: Selected Works in French Cinema (taught in French)  
  • GEV 3000 - Special Topics: Ecology versus Economy (taught in English)

  • ME 5130 - Introduction to Sustainable Energy: A Focus on Solar Energy (taught in English)

  • MGT 2208 - Special Topics: Industrial Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Economy (taught in English)

  • NEW FOR 2017: - PSC 2380: Special Topics - European Integration: EU Law in Context

Additional Academic Requirements

  • 1 year (2 semesters) of college level French or equivalent. Students with no prior knowledge of French may be eligible; see Faculty Program Coordinator.
  • Students are not allowed to repeat courses which they have already taken at Villanova University. Special attention should be made when choosing courses. Please speak with the FPC if any questions arise regarding course selection.
  • VSB International Business co-majors may use FFS 1121 or FFS 1122 towards the IB-language requirement.

REMINDER: Courses above the 1122 level count toward a minor or major in French at Villanova.


While in Lille, students will live with host families, with easy access to the university campus via public transportation. The university has a metro stop (Cormontaigne) and a bus stop (Colbert) right on campus and is just a ten-minute walk from the center of Lille, which offers everything from fast food to fine dining. In addition to breakfast and dinner with their host families, students can take well - balanced meals at the restaurant universitaire, or Resto-U, on campus. There are also numerous boulangeries and sandwich places on campus.

In Paris, students In Paris, students share rooms at a hotel situated in the center of the city.

Student Life

Students will participate in the excursions organized through the ESP, including day trips to Bruges, to Brussels, and to World War I battlefields near Arras. There will also be additional excursions to many museums such as the Musée des Beaux Arts in Lille, the new Louvre museum in Lens, the Roubaix Museum of Art and Industry. The program will end with a stay of a few days in Paris .


May 23- June 1, 2018
*Flight must depart May 22 to arrive in France on May 23

2018 Itinerary (Itinerary is tentative)

May 22: Departure from Philadelphia (Optional group flight Philadelphia - Paris - Lille)
May 23: Arrive in Lille
May 25: Orientation, placement, classes begin at la Catho
June 26: Last night in Lille
June 27: Departure for Paris
July 1: Depart from Paris (group flight Paris - Philadelphia)


2016 Program Fee: $7,200

For a breakdown of the expenses, click here

Includes tuition, homestay with laundry, breakfast and dinner during the week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends, weekend in Paris, transportation, excursions, and cell phone (minutes not included).

Airfare and getting to and from the airport is not included in program fee.

Upon acceptance, student will have 2-weeks to submit a $450 non-refundable commitment fee. Program balance is invoiced directly to the VU student account during the first week of April, with final balance due May 1.

Students interested in financing should first review the OEA Scholarship page. Should there be a need to secure additional funding through loans, Villanova University students should contact the Office of Financial Assistance.

Students with a Federal Pell grant should consider applying for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship!

Villanova University has the right to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes in case of emergency or changed conditions, or in the interest of the program.

French and Francophone Studies

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Program Snapshot

  • Program Duration: 6-weeks 
  • Credits: 6
  • Dates: May 23 - July 1, 2018
    *Flight must depart May 22 to arrive in France on May 23
  • Program Fee: $7,200 (2017)
    *2018 fee to be annouced soon
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Faculty Coordinator

Rennes, France

Prof. Francois Massonnat
St Augustine Ctr Liberal Arts Rm 338
Romance Languages & Literature
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: (610) 519-6955