Spanish Language and Culture in Cádiz

photo of Cádiz, Spain

Interested in studying in a beautiful, coastal city in the south of Spain? Look no further than Cádiz! This program is perfect for students who want to explore and experience a uniquely Spanish way of life.

The Villanova Cádiz Spanish Language and Culture program is designed to enrich and deepen the student's command of Spanish, while offering a wide array of classes in numerous other disciplines including: History, Literature, Art, Economics, Political Science, and Communication.  

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Required language course: SPA 1138
*Students who have taken SPA1138 will receive SPA 1140 credit. 
Students will enroll in a three-credit language course, which will be taken with other ERASMUS (international) students. Villanova students will be placed in this language course according to their placement exam, so that they may continue their learning at a pace appropriate to his/her ability. 

Course approvals will be determined by the Spanish department, based on students prior Spanish course history, and will follow the sequence for Spanish major/minor.

Students will choose four additional courses from the remaining electives below. 

For students looking for additional subjects, or interested in taking a class with Spanish students studying at UCA, additional courses may be available through the University of Cadiz. These courses require a strong profiency within the Spanish language. Please speak with the OEA about additional course offerings at UCA. 

*Please note that the Spanish department allows up to 3 SPA courses to count towards the SPA major. Please ensure that you've spoken with Dr. Carmen Peraita (Chair of Romance Languages & Literatures) about this program, and how the SPA courses will affect your SPA major/minor.

*ERASMUS required Spanish Course
*SPA 1138 or 1140 required for SPA Major
SPA 1138 -or- SPA 1140
Génesis y evolución de la novela moderna: de Cervantes a Muñoz Molina SPA 2012
Poesía, teatro e imagen: las vanguardias artísticas, la generación del 27 y la poesía latinoamericana contemporánea SPA 2012
Literatura y cultura en la España moderna y contemporánea
*SPA major requirement; CLAS Core: Diversity 2
SPA 2220
Mujer y literatura: cuatro siglos de lectura y creación
 *SPA major requirement; CLAS Core: Diversity 2
SPA 3412
Historia de España a través de sus manifestaciones artísticas
CLAS  Core: Fine Art 
AAH 3009
La Constitución de Cádiz de 1812 y sus repercusiones en las constituciones de América *Does not fulfill CLAS Core History HIS 3950
La España del exilio: actividad artística y editorial en Latinoamérica y la Unión Soviética (1937-1977) CST 3100
Tradición, identidad e interculturalidad en la España actual SOC 4000
Cultura, pensamiento y democracia: de la re-generación republicana a la transición política (España, 1931-1975) PSC 4875
Representación, imagen y comunicación: la sociedad española hoy COM 3290
Marketing y comunicación en el ámbito empresarial europeo COM 3490
Comunicación, prensa y opinión pública COM 3390
Economía regional y urbana: Estudios del territorio
*Counts as VSB core GPE requirement
*CLAS Core: Social Science
ECO 3108
Introducción al marketing internacional MKT 2280
Marketing y publicidad en el sector tuístico COM 3390

All students are placed in host family accommodations in Cádiz. Students in the host family accommodations will receive a full room and board scholarship for the entire semester. Staying with a family enables students to achieve a high level of immersion in terms of using the language and helps them to learn the everyday life in a Spanish home.There is no doubt about the advantages of residing with a local family for increased integration into the culture and social environment, as well as a comprehensive and practical learning period of the language being studied. This period of family life will provide not only the opportunity to put into practice the Spanish language theory the student is learning, but will also promote the knowledge of the customs, values, food, habits and culture of the Spanish families.

All students will request family accommodation for the period of their course by filling in a housing questionnaire, essential for adapting the needs of each student to the characteristics of the families. After the form has been reviewed and enrollment finalized, the student will be assigned family accommodation according to their prior requirements.

An accommodation specialist will be available on-site to the students throughout their stay. Upon arrival in Spain, the accommodation service, and the Villanova resident director will coordinate a pick-up at the train or bus station in Cádiz and introduce students to their assigned family. On their arrival, both parties (student and family) will sign the corresponding accommodations agreement.

Partner Program

All students will be paired with a Spanish Partner as part of the program. The Partners provide a entry point in to the University of Cádiz lifestyle and students are encouraged to meet and socialize with their Partners throughout the semester.  Students will also write and reflect on their extra curricular experiences as part of the partner program. It is not uncommon for our program alumni to say that this is a real highlight of the Cadiz program!


Cooking class with Spanish partners

Cultural Activities in Cádiz

Students will engage with the local culture through a variety of activities within Cádiz. Opprtunities such as museum visits, theatre performances and cooking lessons all provide students with the chance to immerse in the Spanish language and learn more about life in modern Spain.  

Program Excursions

In addition to a variety of planned activities within Cadiz, the program also coordinates travel throughout Spain. In the past, students have visited Cordoba, Granada, and Seville. 

Seville: 1-day field trip to Seville. Morning departure from Cádiz. Sightseeing tour of the most emblematic monuments and neighborhoods (barrios) of the capital city of Andalucía: the Jewish quarter of Barrio de Santa Cruz, the Cathedral, La Giralda and the Alcázar.

Trip to Granada: 1-weekend trip to Granada. Departure on Friday morning and return to Cádiz on Sunday afternoon. This includes visits to the Alhambra Palace, Nasrid Palaces, the Palace of Carlos V, Mirador de San Nicolás (San Nicolas viewpoint) as well as walk tours of the city’s most popular sights and neighborhoods through.

Trip to Córdoba: 1-weekend trip to Cordoba. Departure on Friday morning and return to Cádiz on Sunday afternoon. This may include visits to the Great Mosque of Córdoba, Archeological and Ethnological Museum of Córdoba,

Cadiz students with partners in Cordoba

Estimate expenses for one semester AY 17-18

Tuition Regular VU tuition
Room Homestay fee included
Meals (partial meals included in homestay)
Flight to Madrid $1450
Books $100
Personal Expenses $1700
Visa fee $160
TOTAL $4160

Spring 2019

Program begins on Monday, 4 February, 2019
*It is suggested that students arrive on Saturday, February 2, to give time to adjust into homestay and get settled, prior to the first day of program on 4 February.

Final Day of Program: Friday, 24 May, 2019
*Students should plan to depart Cadiz on 25 or 26 May. 

Fall 2019

Program begins on Monday, 16 September, 2019
*It is suggested that students arrive on Saturday, September 14, to give time to adjust into homestay and get settled, prior to the first day of program on 16 September.

Final Day of Program: Friday, 20 May, 2019
*Students should plan to depart Cadiz on 21 (Saturday) or 22 (Sunday) May. 

Current Program Dates:

Fall 2018
Program Begins: Monday, September 10, 2018
**Arrival on 8 or 9 September, 2018
Final Day of Program: December 13, 2018

Previous Program Dates:

Spring 2018
Program Begins: Monday, February 5, 2018
Final Day of Program: Friday, May 18, 2018


Villanova University has the right to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes in case of emergency or changed conditions, or in the interest of the program.

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Are you a Spanish Major or Minor? Click here for details on the requirements.

Cursos de español Universidad de Cádiz

Learn more about Spanish as a Foreign Language in the Center of Modern Languages at the University of Cádiz.

Student Testimonial

Semester in Cadiz
Spanish Partners: Kaitlyn and Paula

"Going to Cádiz was the best decision I could have made for myself both as a person and as a Spanish double major. I could not have had a better experience. While I was a little hesitant at first about going to a city I had never heard of, I immediately fell in love with it. 

Through the program, I was able to meet some incredible people with whom I got to travel with throughout the country and Europe. I was fully immersed in the Spanish culture and lifestyle (yes, siestas do exist!) and I was really able to grow in my ability to speak Spanish. Marichú and all of the staff really looked out for us and were very helpful, both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Something that was really great about the Cádiz program was the home stay aspect involved. Each student is given a host family to live with and my host mother was incredible! We were very close and she was an incredible cook! It was through her that I was able to meet my Ukrainian roommate Anastasia who stayed with us for the first two weeks. We still stay in touch!

The Cádiz program was particularly special to me because of the partner program that was recently added. Each Villanova student who studies in Cádiz is given a Spanish partner from the city who serves as a way to become acquainted with all things gaditano. My partner Paula became one of my best friends over the semester and I am so grateful to have her in my life. I think this is one of the best parts of the program and really gives you an unique experience that you won't get elsewhere!"

Kaitlyn Irwin (Fall 2016)