Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Make the most of your summer break by completing courses during Villanova's Summer Sessions. Expand your academic horizons and enhance your skills.

Summer is a great time to get ahead on coursework, spend focused time on one or two courses, boost your resume, or simply stay in the habit of studying.   

Choose from a wide array of courses - offered fully online as well as on-campus.

Visiting Students from other Universities
Villanova welcomes students enrolled full time at other Universities for Summer Sessions. Each summer we welcome hundreds of visiting students to our learning community, whether on campus or online.

High School Students
High school students interested in enrolling in a summer course should apply in the section entitled, "High School Scholar/ Diocesan Scholar Program."

Current Villanova Students
Students already enrolled at Villanova in full or part-time undergraduate or graduate programs do not need to apply to take Summer Session courses. They should discuss their course plans with their advisor and register via MyNova.  

Application deadline is May 15th!

Class Dates Add/Drop Withdrawal (last day)
Summer Session I May 27 - June 24
May 29th June 16th
Summer Session II June 26 - July 27
June 30th July 17th
Summer Session III   May 27 - July 27 June 4th July 9th
leadership student

Professional Education Offerings

New Manager Bootcamp

May 27-28, 2020 @ The Inn at Villanova

2020 Leadership Symposium: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leading with a Growth Mindset

June 26, 27, & 28, 2020 @ The Inn at Villanova

Courses include:

  • PHI 1000: Knowledge, Reality, and Self (ONLINE)

  • PSY 1000: General Psychology (ONLINE)

  • THL 1000:  Faith, Reason, and Culture (ONLINE)

  • CRM 1001: Introduction to Criminology (ONLINE)

  • ECO 1001: Introduction to Microeconomics (ONLINE)

  • CSC 1010:  Programming for All (ONLINE)

  • CSC 1035: Databases for Many Majors (ONLINE)

  • ENG 1050:  Literary Experience: American Dream

  • PHY 1100: General Physics I

  • COM 1100:  Public Speaking

  • PSC 1100:  American Government (ONLINE)

  • FFS 1111: Introductory French (ONLINE)

  • ITA 1121: Intermediate Italian I (ONLINE)

  • SPA 1121: Intermedia Spanish I (ONLINE)

  • CHM 1151 & 1152: General Chemistry I and II

  • BIO 1205 & 1206: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II

  • MAT 1230: Intro Statistics I

  • PHY 1502: Gravity (ONLINE)

  • VSV 2004:  FInancial Accounting

  • VSB 2008: Business Analytics (ONLINE)

  • VSB 2009: Principles of Finance (ONLINE)

  • CLA 2021: Language of Science and Medicine (ONLINE)

  • ETH 2050: The Good Life (ONLINE)

  • ME 2101:  Dynamic Systems I (ONLINE)

  • CEE 2103: Mechanics of Solids (ONLINE)

  • NTR 2120: Principles of Nutrition (ONLINE)

  • CHI 2143: Chinese Culture (ONLINE)

  • NUR 2200: Health Lifestyles and Human Values (ONLINE)

    And many more!