Course Registration

Course Offerings

To view course offerings, go to MyNova and choose Master Schedule Online Search for Classes. View course schedules to check for open sections.

Students of the College of Professional Studies (CPS) may register online or schedule an appointment with their academic advisor. CPS students registering for day classes, will be given a specific day and time to register. Please check MyNova for exact day and time. CPS students registering for evening or on-line classes may register the first day registration opens. CPS students may not enter closed courses without prior approval.

Online Registration

Students who are entering their first semester must register through their academic advisor. Current CPS students may register through MyNova.

To access MyNova, enter your username and your password.

  • Select student menu
  • Select registration menu
  • Select web registration

Students will need an alternate registration pin number to register for classes. This pin number is issued by your academic advisor. Please note that this code will be different for each semester and is valid for one semester only.

Important Information

Students who wish to meet with their academic advisor may schedule an appointment by calling the CPS office at 610-519-4300. For your convenience in person and telephone appointments are available.

After you have registered for classes, you will be billed by the Bursar’s Office. The university utilizes electronic billing only. You may view your current billing information in VBill in My Nova. Please note that payment is expected before classes begin. Contact the bursar’s office at 610-519-4258 for all billing questions.

Please be aware that students with outstanding financial obligations will not be able to register for the following semester until cleared by the Bursar’s office.

Drop/Add Form

* DropAddForm.pdf
Students who wish to Drop/Add, must do so within the first week of classes. Exact dates are listed on the academic Calendar (Add link). Students may drop/add through MyNova or by submitting a written request to their advisor. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students are financially responsible for all courses for which they are registered. Non-attendance of classes, including distance learning classes does not constitute automatic withdraw and carries full financial obligation.

Withdrawal Form

* WithdrawalForm.pdf
Withdraw from a course: The university allows students to secure an authorized withdraw from a class after the drop/add period is over. Please contact your academic advisor for additional information. For more information regarding tuition refund policies please contact the bursar’s office at 610-519-4258.