Course Registration

Course Offerings

View course offerings using myNOVA, Villanova's student information system by choosing Master Schedule Online Search for Classes. View course schedules and check for open sections of courses. Individual course schedules are no longer mailed.

CPS students may register for courses online as well as via the CPS office (see instructions below). Day registrations for CPS students will take place according to appointment times in myNOVA. Whether attending evening or day courses, CPS students will not be able to enter closed courses without appropriate approval. For assistance concerning closed evening courses, please contact your academic advisor as soon as possible by calling the PTS Office at 610-519-4300.

Online Registration

After their first semester at Villanova, all students who are currently registered through CPS may register via myNOVA. If you find that you need assistance, please call 610-519-6665.

To access myNOVA, enter your login and your password. Not sure of your myNOVA Password? Not a problem - just utilize our self service password reset process at:

  1. Choose student menu
  2. Choose registration menu
  3. Choose web registration
    • You must have your "Advisor Approval Code" issued by your academic advisor to enter the "web registration" form. Please note that this code will be different for each semester. It is valid for one semester only and is issued only by your academic advisor.

Important Information

Students who need to see their academic advisor may arrange an appointment by calling 610-519-4300. Please remember that telephone advising appointments are also available for your convenience.

If you know the classes you need, submit the completed Registration form as noted above and we will have your advisor sign it. If unsure of which courses are appropriate for your degree program, please contact an academic advisor.

Remember to check your schedule carefully. You are responsible for following the recommendations of your academic advisor.

You can make adjustments to your schedule throughout the Drop/Add period.

After you have registered, you will be billed by the Bursar's Office. The University utilizes electronic billing only. It is your responsibility to check your Villanova email account for current billing information. Please note that payment is expected before classes begin. Please contact the Bursar's Office at 610.519.4258 for all billing questions.

Please be aware that students with an outstanding financial obligation will not be able to register for the following semester until cleared by the Bursar's Office.

Please let us know right away if you experience any difficulties with course registration!

Drop and Add Form

* DropAddForm.pdf
Drop/Add a Course: The university allows students to drop, add or change classes during the Drop/Add period which is the first five days of classes at the beginning of each Spring or Fall semester. Check the Summer catalog for information on the summer session drop/add period. The exact deadline date is always listed in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog and Academic Calendar. In order to do this, you must fill out the Drop/Add form available in 107 Vasey and have your Academic Advisor sign it. AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: from the very first day of class, you are responsible for partial or total tuition charges.

Withdrawl Form

* WithdrawalForm.pdf
Withdrawal from a Course: The University allows students to secure an Authorized Withdrawal (WX) from a class after the Drop/Add period is over and extending through approximately the first two months of classes each semester. The exact deadline is always listed in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog and Academic Calendar. To do this you must fill out the Authorized Withdrawal form available in 107 Vasey Hall. Obtaining a WX does not mean that you receive a tuition refund. Depending on the date on which you withdraw, you could receive a partial tuition refund or none at all.