I received my acceptance letter from Villanova University: now what?

Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you to CPS and look forward to working with you.  Once you have officially been accepted as a student, you will want to make sure you have everything in order before you begin your first class.  It is recommended that you:

  • Speak with you UA representative to arrange for your tuition payment and ensure your course textbooks are ordered and on their way
  • Speak with UA regarding your FAFSA, if applying for financial aid, to make sure you have completed all necessary paperwork.  Should you have questions about Villanova’s financial aid policies/process, etc. information can be found on the Financial Assistance website
  • Purchase a headset with microphone to use for your virtual classes. It is also recommended that you have a working webcam as well.
  • Mark all important dates and deadlines for the upcoming term in your calendar and begin to prepare yourself for your first class

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How do I access my Villanova.edu email account and MyNova?

A few days following your acceptance to the University, you should receive an email from UNIT with your credentials for accessing your email and MyNova database.  Login to make sure you can access the system and then save the username and login so you are able to login at any time. If you do not receive an email from UNIT with your credentials or have difficulty logging in to your email, please call 610-519-7777 or visit their website for more information.

  • All communication from your UA representative will come to your personal email address

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What is MyNova and what kind of information does it provide?

MyNova is your personalized online portal that tracks information about you while you are a student at Villanova University.  It is recommended that you check MyNova often and become familiar with the system. Click Here to find out more about MyNova, how to use it and why it is important to you as a new/continuing student.

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Am I able to forward my Villanova.edu email to my personal email account?

Yes!! We encourage all students to forward their villanova.edu email account to the address that you check on a regular basis.  Now that you are a student, all important emails will go to your villanova.edu account so to make sure you don’t miss anything important, please take a moment to follow the steps to set up email forwarding.  You can find instructions on how to forward your email here.

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Is there an orientation for new students?

New student orientation will take place on the first Monday evening of every term, beginning at 7pm EST.  All new students will receive information about this session via email as well as posted in their Blackboard courses.  The orientation takes place online and you will simply use the link found in the “Welcome to the CPS Online Community”/ Course Announcements to access the session. If you cannot attend the session you will be able to watch the recording.

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When will I be able to access my online course?

You will gain access to your online course on the first Monday of classes at 12:01am EST.  You will receive an email with your course syllabus a few days prior to the start of classes and instructions for preparing for the first class from your professor before the term begins.

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How do I access my online course?

Once you have access to MyNova you can login to your ELearn portal.  The link to this portal can be found on the www.villanova.edu main page or via your MyNova account. Once you click on ELearn, you should see your course listed below. Select the course you wish to view and it will take you to the first page of your course.  Click here for detailed information on Blackboard access and operations.

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What services are available to me as an online student? Am I allowed to visit campus?

As a student of Villanova University, you have access to a majority of the services that are provided to campus students, such as:

  • Writing Tutor- Please reach out to your professor or VU advisor if you would like more information
  • Learning Support Services- click here for more information or to find out if you qualify for assistance
  • Falvey Library

If you ever find yourself close to campus and would like to say hello, we would love to meet you. You are welcome on campus at any point and would love the opportunity to show you around. Please let us know if you are planning to visit.

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Am I able to drop my course without it costing me money or hurting my GPA?

Yes you can drop your course at any point during the first week of classes. If you drop your course during the first week, you will receive a full refund and the course will not appear on your transcript.

  • New Students: You must contact your UA representative before classes begin or during week one to drop your course
  • Continuing Students: You can drop your course at any point during the first week via MyNova or by notifying your VU Advisor or UA representative.

Should you pass the one week deadline, you will have up to week 6 of the course to request a withdrawal (WX). Should you decide to WX your course, you will only receive a partial reimbursement, depending at what week you made the request, and the WX will appear on your transcript; however, it will not impact your overall GPA in any way.

  • Request a WX- If you would like to WX your course, you must contact your UA representative via withdraw@villanovau.com to initiate the request

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Is there someone at Villanova that I can contact if I have a question/problem?

If you are not sure where to direct your question, please feel free to call the College of Professional Studies at 610-519-4300 or email Online Student Success Coordinator, Tara Gallo- tara.gallo@villanova.edu .

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