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  • 2017 CPS Awards Ceremony

    On Friday, May 5, the College of Professional Studies (CPS) hosted the second annual Awards Ceremony. Students and their families, as well as Villanova University President Father Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, Dean Deborah Tyksinski, PhD and faculty and staff, came together to celebrate the success of CPS students during the 2016-2017 academic year. read more

  • The “Sticktoitiveness” of the Adult Student from One Adult Student to Another

    Let’s face it. In most cases, the road to earning your degree as a young adult in a traditional undergraduate program is fraught with a lot fewer challenges than trying to complete a degree as an adult. read more

  • Character Day 2016

    What does it mean to have character? And is it something we can change within ourselves? What are some of the character traits of highly successful individuals? You’re invited to join a global conversation about the importance of developing character strengths such as resilience, grit, empathy, courage and kindness - all based in science and evidence-based research. read more

  • Building on Success: A Bright Future for Paralegals

    Building on Success: A Bright Future for Paralegals

    Villanova University College of Professional Studies has been producing high-performing paralegal certificate program graduates for over 30 years, and the future is only getting brighter... read more

  • An Ever-Evolving, Lifelong Educational Experience

    An Ever-Evolving, Lifelong Educational Experience

    Villanova can’t help itself. It promises students that learning will be a lifelong project, and it makes good on its word whenever alumni return to campus. read more

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