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Leadership is a highly sought-after trait in every organization no matter what the industry and, in many cases, a trait that is difficult to find. CPS offers both an undergraduate Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) in Leadership Studies as well as a post graduate certificate in Leadership Studies to transform professionals—our adult students—into leaders that their organizations value, trust, and respect.

Villanova's Bachelor's degree completion program in Leadership Studies is designed with a focus on ethics in leadership. Students learn about the issues most relevant to today's corporate leaders, and are able to demonstrate leadership skills and newly learned expertise throughout the degree program. These areas include globalization, scientific and social change, advances in technology and workforce diversity.


What You Will Learn

A Villanova Leadership Studies student will learn to:

  • Understand and influence diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders
  • Lead and manage ethically
  • Lead in a global environment
  • Recognize how political and social issues interact with one's organization
  • Operate in evolving environments
  • Develop a high level of personal adaptability, learn from experience and modify plans as needed
  • Quickly resolve complex problems by perceiving relationships among multiple, disparate issues

The BIS in Leadership Studies is an on-campus, flexible bachelors degree option for professionals that can be completed part time or full time. Some courses are hybrid which means they can be taken on campus or online, and students can take a variety of accelerated 7 week courses that enable degree completion at a faster pace. Course credits from prior institutions can be transferred in and will be evaluated by the College of Professional Studies Admissions Team.


View or download the BIS in Leadership Studies degree sheet: On-campus program

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) Core = 45 credits

Students must complete 45 credits in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) core curriculum


View or download the BA in Leadership Studies degree sheet: Online program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Core = 50 credits

Students must complete 50 credits in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) core curriculum


Leadership Studies Major Core (Applies to both on campus and online) = 10 courses, 30 credits



Free Electives = 15 courses, 45 credits


Complete the online application: Visit the CPS Apply webpage to apply to the degree program. Application requirements include:

  • Application fee: $50. Can be waived by attending select on campus open houses or online information sessions. Visit the CPS Events webpage to see all upcoming events.
  • Transcripts: High school transcripts and official transcripts from all institutions of higher education where applicant completed coursework are required. Official transcripts may be submitted directly by the student rather than mailed by the institution but will only be accepted if received in a sealed envelope which has been signed or stamped by the appropriate official at the issuing institution.  If the student uploads the document into the student application, it will be considered an “unofficial” transcript. Villanova allows students to transfer up to 60 credits from other regionally accredited institutions; course grade is a C or higher; Villanova will evaluate its transferability towards the Villanova degree.
  • A current resume.

The College of Professional Studies Admissions Committee convenes bimonthly to review applicants. All documents must be received before the Admissions Committee will review an applicant.


Official Transcripts should be sent to:

  • Mail – Villanova University, College of Professional Studies, 800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA 19085
  • Electronic – cps.info@villanova.edu

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