A Message Regarding Hurricane Sandy

November 3, 2012

“The degree to which you are concerned for the common good rather than your own is the criterion by which you can judge how much progress you have made. Love puts the interest of the community before personal advantage, not the other way around.”
- St. Augustine

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

At Villanova University we so often stress the importance of fellowship and community in all that we do. These ideals, rooted in our Augustinian identity, become even more important when we are confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges like those brought by Hurricane Sandy. We pray in solidarity with those affected along the East Coast, including the many members of the Villanova community – alumni, students and their families – whose lives have been changed by the storm.

During times like this I know it can be difficult to see how one person or one community can help in the face of widespread destruction, but there are ways that we can provide support to those in need:

  • We have asked our faculty and student support staff to provide consideration and assistance to students who may be struggling during this challenging time, particularly those whose families and communities were affected.
  • Victims of Hurricane Sandy will be remembered at all Masses this weekend and on Sunday, November 11 at 7 p.m. in the St. Thomas of Villanova Church on campus, Fr. Rob Hagan, O.S.A. will celebrate a special liturgy for all the people who continue to struggle with the storm’s aftermath.
  • Our Office of Mission and Ministry, in partnership with the Alumni Association, is working to put together volunteer opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni to be involved with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, both immediate and longer-term. Additional information will be shared through these offices as soon as it is available.

Of course, these opportunities are in addition to what many of you already are doing individually to support those who have been impacted by this terrible event. I encourage you to continue your efforts and extend my appreciation for the meaningful ways in which you are sharing the spirit of the Villanova community with those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Together we will continue to pray for all those in need during this recovery period, and remain thankful for those working tirelessly on the front lines to provide critical care, comfort and assistance.

Fr. Peter Donohue, O.S.A.