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Community First: This is Our Opportunity, Villanova


September 4, 2020

Dear Members of the Villanova Community,

I am writing to provide an update on the ongoing testing of the Villanova community for COVID-19, which was mentioned in the Community First email last week.

In addition to the diagnostic testing that has been taking place since the start of the semester, Villanova will now conduct surveillance testing. Surveillance testing involves selecting a random sampling of individuals to be tested regardless of whether they have a known exposure or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. This form of testing allows the Student Health Center to make determinations about the level of spread in our community, identify asymptomatic cases for isolation and make timely decisions regarding intervention and response. 

Testing will begin next week and continue through the end of the semester. Participants who are randomly selected for testing will receive an email a week before they are scheduled to be tested. The tests, which are highly sensitive, non-invasive and saliva-based, will be administered daily in the lobby of the Finneran Pavilion between 7:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Test results will be available within 48 hours, and testing data will be included on the daily COVID-19 dashboard when it becomes available.

Note: Participation is required; however there are a few exceptions. For additional information, please visit the COVID-19 Campus Information website.

I would like to thank all of the community members who were involved in establishing the surveillance testing program for Villanova. Adding ongoing testing is another example of Villanova continuing to put Community First in order to mitigate and monitor the spread of COVID-19. Thank you again for everyone’s efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for our community this semester.

Stay safe, be smart and put Community First.


image of Father Peter's signature

Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA


This year, our focus has been on putting Community First at all times. Another way to keep our community healthy and safe is to get the seasonal flu vaccine. Villanova is hosting a four-day flu clinic from Tuesday, Sept. 8 through Friday, Sept. 11, in Jake Nevin Field House for all students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please visit the Student Health Center website.